Update: Things Are Starting to Look Up

Okay that ticks me off…I don’t know what happened, but I had a whole post written out and went to publish it and the computer lost it. I thought it had saved at least part or most of what I’d written, but when I pulled it back up I couldn’t find my post anywhere so I’m annoyed.

To sum up what I had written for an update here, I have a job now that I started this past Monday. I’m still trying to adjust to getting up early and working during the day, but it should be a good experience for me. I’ll be working as a teacher’s assistant for a study skills class in a high school so I’ll have nights, weekends and school holidays off so that will be good.

Since I’ll be working during the day as a TA at the high school, I’m thinking of planning to talk to an advisor at my college next week and taking a couple classes in the afternoon/evenings. But yeah that’s the plan to work during the day and take a couple classes in the afternoons/evenings now. I’m also looking to move out since the places I mentioned before that I was going to move out to – the deals fell through and I have a few places I’ve been looking at, but haven’t decided on anything for sure…anyway I’m hoping to move out within the next little while now that I’ve got a job.

Okay I wrote the above a few days ago or so…so the new update as of new is that I’ve been a little busy and fallen behind some with my blog here as usual…but I did have a whole update post typed up and then it got lost.  I’ve been trying to post this actual post I’m writing now to update a few times for the past few days now and been frustrated with my post getting lost so hopefully this time it will actually work for once.

I’ve worked one week at this Teacher’s Assistant job and it’s pretty boring…I feel like I just sit around and “babysit” high school students/watch them study.  I am suppose to be in this study skills class to help and I don’t feel like they really need me there that much plus I work with 3 teachers and two of them – the guy teachers have both asked me twice in this past week that I’ve worked there what exactly my job is because they aren’t sure what to have me do.  I told them I don’t know exactly what my job is because on  my first day at the little orientation – the office/admin people told me they didn’t know what to really tell me about my job and that the teachers would tell me then two of these three teachers are like what’s your job so I don’t know.  I’m not too impressed or thrilled with this job anymore after this first week…besides I want to move out to an apartment which is not in the same area as this job so I’m not planning on staying with this job for very long.

I have an appointment to go meet with an apartment office on Monday afternoon to hopefully get a place with them since the others I’ve tried with talking to the people selling their contracts or what not have all fallen through so far.  I decided to try talking to the office people for the apartments instead of the people to see if this will work out better for me to get a place with them and not have it fall through for once so I can move out – the sooner the better here.

Also since I’ve decided this current Teachers Assistant position isn’t really for me and not that close to where I’m looking to move soon, I’m still looking for a job that’s more my thing or would work better for me to be able to go to school and work with then this one would.  I’ve had a few calls and a couple interviews this past week, but most of them picked someone else to hire, but I found lots more to apply to and all today and I received an e-mail today about an interview for another job that’s more what I want to go into type of position with working at a residential treatment center possibly so I have quite a few jobs I’m looking into and applying too and hoping will work out better than this TA one I’m doing now.

I looked at classes to see what was available…if I could find what I want/need to start in October for Block classes, but so far I haven’t found much so I’m still planning to go talk to an advisor at college about what they know and suggest in reference to this block classes idea, but it looks like I may end up having to wait until January to get my classes started and all settled again, I guess we’ll see.

So, yeah I’m hanging in there and things are going a little better with figuring out things with the job, apartment, school, boyfriend  and family etc. things that I’ve had going on lately.

I just recently heard from my 2 1/2 yr old’s parents earlier this week, I think it was and need to write them back to say I got the e-mail and thanks…I usually do that right when I get it but this week’s been a little weird and all with the job and everything.  I still haven’t heard from my 4 yr old’s parents since Mother’s Day, but I’ve still been sending and writing regular updates and pics on me and my life to them at least once a month or so and trying to wait patiently for them to write me back.

I’ve been back in counseling a few times and it’s helped me make sure I’m doing, working and thinking through most of these things in a clear headed way, which I need to do.  I/we still have to go into counseling together and work on our communication skills, but we haven’t quite yet because of schedule conflicts and so forth so we’re still working on that one.

So, that’s a little update of what’s been going on in the past month or so now.  I hope everyone else is doing well and having a good one this weekend :).