Guess What?!

Yep, I’m still alive and kicking…I know I’ve been a big slacker lately, but what can I say that’s just the way it is sometimes.  Anyway, I thought I’d write a short little blurb here before I hurry to bed since I have to get up for work – icky.

So, just a brief thing here, but I think I’ve had or am just now starting to have, to an extent, my WTH (What the Heck instead of WTF :p) moment.  I just have been thinking lately and been more irritated lately with how society is and views me as a first mom/birth mom and was talking to the boy about it and was like it’s like I’m just now starting to realize how society/everyone/lots of people think it’s great and accept adoption as long as you’re the adoptive parents or the adoptee, but if you’re the mother who placed, you’re like the reject.  Society doesn’t accept us and our role like they do that of the adoptive parents and adoptees, at least it seems that way to me the more I notice certain things lately.

I still don’t regret placing my girls in the regards that it was the best choice for them and the situations that we/I was in back then, but I’m just now feeling like I’m realizing a whole new level of how others and society views those of us who have placed our children for adoption and I’m not very happy about this new level of realization.

So, yeah that’s where I’m at right now with that, but my relationships and all are great and moving right along with both my girls and their families still.  I’m still moving along with my relationship with the boy working toward marriage and all too.  I’m in school or I should say trying to figure out school again and have a job now, but the company I work for is going out of business so I have to find a new job pretty soon here.

I live in an apartment with 3 other girls and we get along pretty well and have fun at times.  I miss having my own apartment but I think this is good for me too.

So, yeah that’s a short little blurb/update on me for now…since I have my internet up and running here at my apt now…I’ll catch up and write more later on when I don’t need to get to bed so good night for now and hope you have a good one :).