Little update on life etc…

I know, I’ve been slacking in writing/blogging and so forth…but life changes when you finally move into your own place and have to figure things out and all, ya know.

It’s a little different being married and living alone, just the two of you in your own place and working things out how you want them to, with who does what and taking care of cooking, cleaning and upkeep in your place and money and all that fun stuff of life. Then there’s planning your life out more together and figuring out kids and so many details…and so forth and no, we’re not having any kids yet…but hopefully that won’t be too much farther off in the future here :).

I’m doing good and we’re doing good even though I haven’t written in a while and we’ve got most things figured out, but some are still in the process and then well, it’s just married life…keeping up with everything, ya know. I stay home and play, cook sometimes (he does more cooking than me lately, but that changes from time to time) and I try to keep up with the exciting world of doing all the fun stuff like cleaning and all the general upkeep of the place and taking care of the birdie…nothing majorly exciting, but it all takes time and effort…sometimes more than others and is a regular part of life – wheee, what fun, I know. So, I have the fun although at times it can be a little boring role of being the stay at home person right now…but that is also because that’s more what I want to do for the most part right now and cause with planning/hoping to have kids soon…I want to be home for that.

Anyway, enough rambling of my exciting life lol. Other than that and him going to work and school right now, not much to tell. We did get an Xbox and a pretty nice new TV that we’ve been having fun with though.

My exciting news, the real fun stuff, that’s recent though is that things are still going really well with me and my two girls and their families. We’re planning to get together for game night with one of my girls parents and I’m friends on FB with both my girls adoptive moms. I talked just a week or two ago on FB chat with both my girls adoptive moms and actually got to chat a little with one of my girls, the one that will turn 7 soon said Hi and talked to me a little bit on FB chat with her mom there helping and talking with us, but that was totally cool especially when my soon to be 7 yr old told me how she wants to see me someday to meet me and all – how cool is that :D. Oh and when I told my 5 yr. old’s mom about the chat with my soon to be 7 yr. old and her mom…my 5 yr. old’s mom asked me if I would like to talk/chat to my 5 yr. old sometime and I was like, of course, I would…if my 5 yr. old wants to talk to me and her mom/family is okay with it that is…so my 5 yr. old’s mom told me she really liked the idea and is thinking of talking to my 5 yr. old either now or later on about talking to me on chat or something like that, which I think is so cool. Of course, I totally love both my girls adoptive moms, they are both so awesome and I’m really good friends with them…it’s just so cool how I can talk and connect so well with both my girls moms, ya know. Anyway, that was my recent exciting news on the adoption front of my life I had to share =).



I’ve had all sorts of thoughts going through my head lately, which isn’t unusual, of course lol…but I was playing a game the other day where it came to a point in the game where you had to make a choice…the choice was you could bring back your family who had died or all of the innocent people who had died from what happened in game…so of course this was all a game…but it made me stop and think for a bit.

I wondered about that choice after I finished/stopped playing the game still and equating it to real life…was wondering…what would I do…in real life…if a disaster or something happened and my family died as well as many innocent people?

Would I choose to save/bring back my family or all the innocent people who died from a disaster or something like that or what would I do? And that would be a hard choice to make…because I consider my family to be such a big part of my life and so many people are my family…it would definitely be a hard choice.

If in this hypothetical scenario, I brought my family back…then all the innocent people would be lost…but if I brought back all the innocent people, my family would be lost…that was how they said it would be in the game and I applied it to real life in my thinking and thought that would really be a hard choice to have to make, ya know.

I mean, if it was a real life situation and that choice and conditions to that choice applied, then sacrificing your family to save all the innocents would be the noble thing to do, I think…and it would be the Christ like thing to do…but then you wouldn’t have your family. I know a lot of people would choose their family and that is my first instinct that I would choose my family…but at the same time…I realize I’m still learning about sacrifice and all and a part of me would want to choose to save all the innocent people too…so I know I’m still not as perfect or Christ like as I would like to be just yet.

But it does make you stop and think…and especially cause this line of thinking happened to me when this disaster from the earthquake with Haiti is going on and so I was thinking…if you applied that choice to that situation…

If it had to be one or the other, would you choose to save all of Haiti (the innocent people) or would you choose to save your family with the thought that your family was in that disaster in Haiti. Which would you choose to save or bring back if they had died, if you had that choice, all the innocent people or your family? Not the easiest choice to think about making…and really causes you to stop and think…even if it is hypothetical, doesn’t it. I know it did/does for me.

If I had it my way, I’d try to save my family and all the innocents…but the hypothetical choice had conditions and it had to be one or the other…so my instinct was to choose my family…but it would just be too hard if that was a real choice you had to make with that condition of it being one or the other.

It makes me realize how much I’m glad I don’t have to ever have to have the power to make that kind of decision, ya know.

Anyway, hope that made some kind of sense…my little bit of random thoughts there and I am praying for Haiti and all the people affected by this disaster.