I know…

Bad me…I wasn’t planning to let it go this long before I posted here again, but ya know how it goes sometimes.

I did start another blog for a family blog for hubby and I now too, but haven’t written much over there yet either.

Anyway, life is good even though we’re still getting things settled with finances and all. I haven’t had a whole ton of things happening, well, maybe I have, but nothing majorly exciting =p.

My oldest girl I placed will be turning 6 yrs old already in a little less than two weeks – not sure what I think/feel about that…other than I can’t believe she’s already 6. Where does the time go, ya know.

I have to put together her birthday package and get it mailed asap and I’m trying to figure out the perfect thing to get her, ya know. I mean I guess I feel more pressure because she’s 6 and she pretty much knows who I am now and she likes to say Hi to me in the e-mails and all so I know she reads/has read to her whatever I write now and that makes me feel a little more pressure, if ya know what I mean.

It’s a whole new ball game when they’re old enough to start understanding more who you are and they can read/write and want to talk to you/send you stuff and it’s not you just writing to her to read someday or whatever, it’s you writing to her to read right now and it’s a little scary sometimes. I mean you can see why I’d feel a little pressure right =p.

Anyway, my relationships with both my girls and their families are still really good and have actually improved/become a little more open since I got married last year – eeek – can you believe I’ve been married for 9 months now and end of May it’ll be a year already.

We’re hoping to finish getting things where we want with finances soon and be able to start our family a little later this year. That will be exciting, nervewracking and everything all in one for us to have a baby when we do – and there’s a whole other post I could write on that =p.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately and enjoying them as well as playing with the Wii still and fun computer stuff. Yes, my hubby finally got me to try out WOW (that’s World of Warcraft) and I’m into that now too =p.

I’ve also been having fun with cooking lately – in fact I just made some yummy brownies and peanut butter cookies earlier tonight.

Anyway, just wanted to write a quick note and I’ll try harder to get back to a more regular update schedule on here.

But yeah I’m still here and doing good =).