Been a long time again…

Just thinking and thought I’d post a quick note here…I have been meaning to write more often but life just keeps on and it doesn’t seem to be as easy to sit down to write as often as I used to but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

I was just thinking the other day about my soon to be 10 year old b daughter that I placed and had a very vivid memory of her from when she’d just been born and we were in the hospital and they put her under the lights since she was jaundiced. 

And I couldn’t sleep so I went in where she was and sat with
her and held her hand and told her I loved her and just sat with her a while. 

While I was in the hospital room/ nursery I think, where she was under the lights for her jaundice, the nurses were in there and one of them asked me how I was doing and I said how I couldn’t sleep and she told me my baby girl had been having a hard time sleeping too and that she’d noticed my baby girl was and had been calm and sleeping since I’d been there holding her hand and sitting with her.

Then the nurse said that she had just needed her Mom and that was all then she was fine and so was I the rest of that night. 

And that memory is so vivid, I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years on March 14th already this month since I had her, placed her and had this memory happen.

10 years…so long and yet not so long…with it seeming just yesterday that I was holding her tiny little hand and now she’s getting to be so grown up…where did the time go?

And now I’m holding another of my baby girl’s hands, but this one’s hand I get to hold every single day.

It’s memories like these that remind me how much I love all 3 of my baby girls and how much I love that I get to raise my little monkey and still be a part of my other two girls lives and their families.

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