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The Infamous A

The Infamous A

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This is “The A”, which if you go to my college, you’d know all about it. Supposedly this is where you can become a true aggie – what we are here at my college :).

So, how you’re suppose to become a true aggie is go with another non-true aggie to this A on a night with a full moon during Homecoming weekend, which was this past weekend. Then you and the other non-true aggie are suppose to stand on “The A” and kiss at midnight under the full moon on Homecoming weekend and that’s how you become a true aggie lol.

I think it’s amusing and pretty interesting. Anyway, Cory has mentioned about becoming true aggies a few times, well he did this past week and weekend so I was a little suspicious of why he was so obsessed with this true aggie thing lol.

I mean either he was finding it amusing and interesting like I did or he’s obsessed with it and the idea of kissing someone. Or he was thinking about kissing me and becoming a true aggie a lot lol – my Dad thinks it’s highly suspicious how he kept talking about it too lol.

So, anyway, I don’t know, maybe he was thinking of kissing me, maybe not. I think he probably has thought of kissing me already because that thought of kissing him for me has already passed through my mind at least a few times lol 😉 :).

Anyhow, that’s the story behind “The A” up here and how you’re suppose to become a true aggie – woo woo 😉 *giggles* :).

Clueless Weirdos

Okay so I ended up signing up on another website that I thought was for finding friends etc. kind of like myspace. 

Well, come to find out that this other website even though it said it was for friends, it’s not, it’s really an online dating website – not really what I was looking for or anything but I was on it so whatever.  I haven’t used the website much at all nor have I talked to anyone from it, but I keep having guys from that website “flirting” with me lol.

I say that about them “flirting” with me like that because I find it kind of amusing that I get an e-mail alerting me to the fact that a guy named so and so has flirted with me.  Oh and also I get e-mails alerting me that this guy “has an eye out for me”, this guy “is waiting for me” and this guy “is watching me” and so forth.  It really kind of cracks me up, I mean, ya know.

I was just thinking about this the other day because I was like so when a guy says Hi to me in real life and he’s thinking he’s flirting with me, could I get an e-mail telling me that this guy was flirting with me when he said Hi to me in real life LOL.  Well and then I was thinking one time when I got some e-mails alerting me to some guys “flirting” with me from this website, Wow I didn’t know that so many guys were “flirting” with me until my computer/e-mail alerted me – funny how I didn’t know I was being flirted with until my computer told me so, ya know lol :p.

So anyway, these guys send me messages and I’ve never responded although I have thought about responding with a few of them that seemed decent, but then I just haven’t responded.  Well most of these guys get it and don’t bother me after they try once or twice and get no response or anything from me, but there’s a few guys that keep trying to get me and that want to “catch me” <– their words, not mine.

More specifically, there is one particular guy of the few clueless weirdos from this website that I’m feeling like he’s becoming borderline stalkerish with the way he keeps buggin me.  I’ve had I don’t know how many messages from him now like around 10-15 that I haven’t responded to or done anything to encourage him or anything and he’s still at it – the weirdo.

He keeps telling me how he wants to “catch me” and hook up with me and blah blah blah – freakin online weirdo guy – ick!  Anyway, I just happened to get a message in my e-mail alerting me to some guy wanting to talk to me from that website today and I haven’t checked in on that website for a few weeks or a month.  I don’t go on the website much at all and so I go check today to delete the message etc. and there’s like a bunch of other messages and they were all from this weird guy.  Then it says how many views your profile gets and it had a couple views on it from this weird guy too so now I’m like ewww because I’m wondering what if he keeps looking at my profile even when he’s not sending messages – ick!

Anyway, I was just deleting all this weird guy’s messages and thinking about it and I was like, seriously, what is so exciting about me?!  I mean I was just wondering what is so intriguing about me that this weirdo guy is all like he has to have me crap.  I don’t know I just thought I was a pretty normal cute girl, but I didn’t think I was like someone worth harassing like he has been.  Of course, he is a weirdo so who knows.

If he doesn’t knock it off, I’m going to delete myself from existence on that website.  I mean I don’t really use the website anyway other than I find it amusing sometimes and I thought maybe there might be a one in a million worthwhile person on there to talk to, but I obviously haven’t found anyone like that on there.

I just get amazed sometimes at how weird some guys on these online websites can be.  I really shouldn’t be surprised or amazed though because I did marry and divorce one of those weirdos, which is why I don’t hook up with online weirdos anymore ha, ha.

Of course, when I’m talking of online weirdos, I’m not talking of the few cool online people I know here and you should know whether I consider you a cool online friend or person or not by now :).  So, I was just annoyed by that and had to vent, but I’m done now lol. 

Overusing smilies

Okay so I admit I sometimes overuse the smilies here, but I like the smilies, so sue me.

What’s wrong with using smilies anyway?  I’ve had a few comments on how many smilies I use in a post or my overuse of smilies in posts, so what’s the big thing about smilies?  I mean I didn’t know there was a limit on how many smilies a person can use in a post.  I thought I could use as many smilies as I want, but apparently some people prefer less of my smilies.

Oh, wow, would you look at that I haven’t used a smiley face in this post yet, there must be something wrong with me.  So, which kind of person are you?  The one who’s like yippee, I don’t have to read a post with lots of smilies in it or the one who’s like this is a boring post with no smilies in it.

I am or try to be a generally overall happy type of person most of the time so I like to use smilies to show it.  I mean I like to use smilies and I do overuse them sometimes, but I’d rather overuse them than never use them.

Anyway, everyone has their different tastes, likes, dislikes and opinions and one of my things happens to be liking to use smilies when I write so there :p.  

Guess what? Mermaids might be real!

Seriously, apparently there’s been various sightings of mermaids, siren like creatures, water spirits and other similar creatures of the sea.

Check it out lol, just go type mermaids in google or blingo and it’ll come up with plenty of websites with listings of sightings of so called mermaids or the like.  I didn’t think so many people had time to make websites to list so called sightings of mermaids lol :p.

Oh and get this peoples, yesterday, someone put this question into a search engine and ended up here at my blog.  You’re gonna love this one, they asked, “What is a girl?”

I was stunned when I saw that in my list of search terms lol.  I mean seriously someone’s got bigger problems than I thought if they’re seriously asking the question, “what is a girl” – HELLO girls are all over here on Earth.  How could someone not know what a girl is?

I came up with a few possible scenarios here. 

1) Aliens do live here on earth and one of them wants to know what a girl is *giggles*.  Yeah right, not a likely scenario.

2) Someone’s brain was dead when they typed that in the computer or something of the sort :p.

3) Someone was asking the question in a philosophical manner thinking about what a girl is.

4) Someone was totally bored and thought that might be funny to see what happened when you typed that into a search engine.  They did it as a joke.

5) Someone is seriously and totally lost and confused about gender and therefore isn’t sure and is totally confused about what a girl may or may not be.

So, which scenario do you vote for?  I think it has to be 2 or 3, but then again 5 could be a valid scenario too, who knows.  I just know that whoever asked what a girl is has got to be kidding, trying to be philosophical or totally confused.

Anyone have suggestions on answers on what a girl is LOL.  I thought the answer to what a girl is was obvious and easy for people to find and know, but apparently I may have be wrong.

Interesting people, let me tell ya.

Why do we have Phlegm? Ick.

I was just wondering like I often do about things and thought what’s the purpose of phlegm anyway?

I’ve been fighting a cold and last night it decided to step it up from its side of things.  So now, not only am I fighting a cold, but a sore throat and with all this fun stuff comes phlegm – disgusting, I know.

Anyway, I found myself wondering what is the purpose of phlegm really?  Does it have a purpose or is it just one of those ‘necessary evils’ to plague you in life?  I hate phlegm.

So, yeah I’ve been feeling a little out of it today with fighting off the cold and all.  I was passed out for a lot of the day trying to get more rest to help fight the sucker off, which didn’t help my state of being coherent for part of the day.

Oh and I had another “feeling special” moment today when I was checking my e-mail and websites.  I found another one of my favorite kinds of messages from another dumb guy on myspace.  I know I haven’t had one of those in a while, I wasn’t missing them either, but I guess someone thought I needed to “feel special” again while I was feeling crappy fighting off my cold today lol :p.

It was so great and made my day to read this guy’s message to me lol.  He was all, “wow you’re so cute and sexy (okay so maybe I am on good days *giggles* 😉 ) in your pictures” and then my favorite part of his message was this part, “I hope you’re wild, single and into meeting and hooking up” rofl.  Obviously the guy didn’t read my myspace page very well.

It says right on my myspace page, granted it’s not in caps or anything – maybe I should make it that way to draw attention, but it says on there, “I’m 29 years old and happily single…” right in the about me section under my blurbs.  Then it says in the who I’d like to meet section,”…I just want to meet people to talk with and be friends.  I’m not really interested in dating anyone off here or looking to hook up with anyone right now…”  Now I don’t know about you, but I think if he’d read my profile and paid attention, there’s the answers to his hoping I’m “wild, single and into meeting and hooking up” statement.  Silly, silly guy – might want to read and pay attention before you send silly messages :p.

Oh, well.  That’s life for ya.  I mean, heck, if we didn’t have people like that, then things might not be as interesting lol. 

Then again has anyone noticed that when someone takes themselves off the “dating market” is when the guys/girls take more notice.  It’s like that whole thing of wanting things more if they’re out of reach or seemingly unattainable, I guess.  It’s like as soon as someone is off limits then seemingly everyone wants to talk to them and everyone wants to know them once they’re no longer interested in the dating world for the time being.

Interesting how that seems to happen, isn’t it.


Now when are my thoughts not a mess or on tangents you might ask – who knows lol :p.

I have a few things going through my head all at the same time.  My thoughts are going off on tangents all over the place.  Of course, they seem to do that a lot anyway.

Okay so first I was talking to my parents and said “guess what I saw tonight while I was out”.  My parents proceeded to try to guess and of course came nowhere close so then I told them what I’d seen and along with telling them what I saw I told them my tangent thought process that went with it lol.

My narration went something like the following here. 

“I saw my dream car and my dream truck while I was out except they were both red and I don’t want red because that would attract attention from cops I don’t want lol.  Yeah so it was this nice sporty car and it had a cute guy in it and the cute guy was by himself ;).  I saw that and was thinking, too bad he’s by himself, I could be in there with him, ya know” and then my parents responded laughing and shaking their heads at me. 

Then I continued with my narration, “yeah and then I saw this truck and you know how I’ve been wanting a truck for my next automobile.  Well this was a Toyota Tacoma, four door, just the right size, not diesel and perfect for me except it was red.  Oh and did I mention that the truck had a cute guy driving it by himself too and I thought too bad, I could be riding in the truck with him too” and my parents continued chuckling as they listened to me going on and on.

Then my mom said, “Well what if they had girlfriends or fiancees, but they just weren’t with them right then?”  I said, “Well, so what, I could have at least just gotten a ride with them if I had wanted to, right?”  Then my parents just looked at me weird.

I continued on talking about it and said, “Well, see if I wanted to, I could have pretended to not have a working car and be stranded somewhere.  Then they’d come by and have to help me, pick me up and drive me to where I needed to go.  Then I’d at least get a ride in my dream car or my dream truck with them even if they had a girlfriend or fiancee that wasn’t with them, right?” 

Then I paused and continued on again, “But then again, I don’t think I would ever do anything like that because getting into a car for a ride with a perfect stranger especially a strange guy wouldn’t be very smart, now would it?  And then what if I went on the ride with the guy and then he went to drop me off and tried to make a move on me or kiss me or something.  I mean I couldn’t let him do that, now could I?  So, no, I couldn’t just get a ride with the guy and then be dropped off safely at my destination.  It wouldn’t work because the guy would probably end up being some weirdo or something.  Then he might expect something in return for his giving me a ride because you know how some of these guys think they’re entitled to things that they’re not entitled to and should have to earn in reality.  So, no, even just getting a ride with them to be in my dream car or truck wouldn’t work and they’re just strangers, why would I want to ride with strangers?  I wouldn’t so this is dumb that I’m even thinking or talking about this, right?”

I looked at my parents and they were both trying not to crack up laughing and shaking their heads at me.  I asked them why they were shaking their heads like that.  They told me, “well, you went from the beginning of just telling us that you saw your dream car and dream truck while you were out tonight to the end conclusion of men are bad and only after your body”. 

I have to admit once I reviewed my thought process and what I’d just said.  Then looked at it from the perspective of starting at talking about dream cars to ending up at men are bad etc., I had to shake my head at myself and ended up cracking up at how my thoughts went on the paths they did lol :p.

Then I was reading through some blogs earlier and read about someone wanting a person with “minor emotional damage” to date or be with in a relationship, which caused me to chuckle.  I mean I suppose it’s possible to find and be with people who only have “minor emotional damage”, but I don’t think it’s necessarily probable or likely in most cases that I know of anyway.  Well and for me as a 29 year old that’s divorced, with two girls I’ve placed for adoption and so forth – you realize that I am, of course, looking at “minor emotional damage” and such through jaded glasses.

From my jaded perspective, when I hear “minor emotional damage”, I just shake my head because I don’t know many people who make it through this life with “minor emotional damage”, do you?  I don’t know, maybe I really am very jaded lol – heck, I know I’m pretty jaded, but for me, my reality is that my prospects in the dating world aren’t as likely to be the kind that have “minor emotional damage” for the most part :p.

My reality with the dating world and guys is a heck of a lot different than I planned, of course and a heck of a lot different than I would have thought it would be for me at 29.  I mean, for example, I’ve had some guys try to talk to me on some online sites and in real life and some of them have been in their late 30s or early 40s.  My initial reaction and thought to them has usually been, eww, they’re so old and not my type.

Then I find myself sitting back to think about it for a moment and find myself laughing and shaking my head at myself again.  I shake my head at myself because I’m like, um, hello, Anne, you’re 29 now, you’re not that young anymore lol. 

So that reality has just started setting in more for me lately that I am more in the range of dating prospects with the age of early to late 30s and 40 isn’t that much older than me relatively speaking, which is kinda scary to think about lol.  Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not planning on dating guys that are 40 or older, I’m just saying I’m starting to see how 40 year olds aren’t that far away from 29 year olds relatively speaking.

Well and then some guy on myspace sent me a message today talking to me about being friends and he’s 31, divorced with two girls.  I was like, um, I don’t know if I want to be friends – I mean why is he divorced, was he the one that caused the divorce or what – then I stopped and thought, hey, is this what some people think about me when I say I’m divorced.  So, I squelched that thought because I mean really what right do I have to think that about someone I don’t know besides I know how upset it makes me when people think, ask or second guess me because they find out I’m divorced.

Anyway, I was just trying to find a reason or something valid to use in my thoughts for a reason not to be friends with him.  Why you might ask – because I’m kind of afraid of hanging out with guys and see that’s what scared me is this guy lives near me – eek.  See, if guys talk to me or ask to be friends and they live in another state or an hour or so away from me in my state that’s totally cool with me, but if you live near me, I don’t know if I want to be friends cause that’s just kind of scary to me. 

I mean what if I say okay let’s be friends to this guy who only lives like 15 minutes away from me – ack and then he wants to meet and hang out with me in person.  Nope, nope, I don’t think I can handle that yet so see I’d like to be friends, but I don’t want to hang out or meet in person right now or anytime really soon either.  It makes me want to hyperventilate and hide when I think about it.  Yeah, I know, I’m a wimp and a scaredy cat, but I have good reason to be this way and you know it especially if you know my story so :p nah nah.

Just another one of my dilemmas in my “soap opera” life lol :p.  Oh, well, I’ll be friends and hang out with guys when I’m ready, I don’t have to rush.  It’s not like that 31 yr old guy is the last guy that’ll ever talk to me – it’s not my last chance, there’s still time.

Okay and I’m looking over at my Hollywood Video site to see what movies have been recommended for me lately.  I’m looking at my recommended movies and I don’t know about that computer recommending some of these movies for me :p.  I mean, what the freak man, the stupid computer recommended some TV series from HBO about a group of lesbian friends and their lives and loves in Los Angeles. 

Ewww!!!  I don’t swing that way – I’m NOT a lesbian and I don’t want to watch that either.  I mean no offense to you if you do swing that way or watch that stuff, but I don’t swing that way and I don’t like that stuff – ew.

I’m totally straight, thank you very much.  I don’t need to watch lesbian shows or anything like that.  Okay, the computer is just messed up and I’m gonna have to straighten it out on that topic.  Nope, nope, I can’t have the computer being confused on what my sexual preference is here.  I’m only interested in men, which means I’m straight – not bi, not curious, not lesbian – straight –  you got that, you weird, dumb computer :p ??

Okay I’m done venting and writing down all my weird tangents for the day now lol :p.  Everyone go have fun now :). 

More “make out” tips

Okay so here’s the other tips I promised after I wrote the last “how to make out” post 😉 *giggles*.

Now I would assume most of you would know these tips when kissing or making out with someone, but just in case you don’t, I thought I’d post them here ;).

Now I hope I don’t lose it giggling through this post too lol.  Okay,um, first of all, just in case you don’t already know, when kissing the other person, you should tilt your head so your noses don’t collide.  I mean we don’t want you to hurt yourself kissing another person or hurt them now do we 😉 *giggles*.  So, remember to tilt the head and avoid collision of noses 😉 :D.

Next we have the tip of what to do with your lips meaning, you should have them moist and soft and not dry and cracked.  In other words, use chapstick and make sure your lips aren’t dry, cracked or icky :p especially when planning to kiss someone ;).  Oh and in case ya all didn’t know, most people usually kiss with their eyes closed *giggles* – I would assume you all know that though.

Also when you’re planning to kiss someone, make sure that you don’t eat garlic, onion or other strong herbs, foods that would make your breath bad.  This means don’t eat the herbs etc. straight by themselves and don’t eat them in the food you have at dinner before you plan to kiss the other person lol 😉 :p.

Okay and this is a particular pet peeve of mine, if you’re going to french kiss, which means use tongue *giggles*, then make sure the tongues are kept in the mouths.  Do you know what I’m saying here?  I mean keep your tongue in the other person’s mouth and the other person keep their tongue in your mouth, don’t let the tongue wander all over the other person’s face or the other person’s tongue wander all over your face – can we see ew, icky. 

When using tongue, if you choose to do french kissing, you do not lick the other person’s face like a dog lol.  If the person wants their face licked, I’m sure they can find a dog to do that for them.  Don’t lick the person’s lips all over and make their lips get chapped either – I’ve had guys do these to me – they are some of the biggest turn offs, for me personally they are anyway.  I mean I don’t want someone licking my cheek or my lips getting them chapped thinking they’re “da bomb” at french kissing and making out with me – can we say not lol :p.

I mean really picture two people licking each other’s faces or having your face licked by someone – does that thought please you.  I would think not, unless, of course, you’re a weirdo or a dog trapped in a human’s body *cracks up* :).

So, let’s leave the licking the face to the dogs shall we and keep the tongue in the mouth if you french kiss/use tongue.  Alrighty then, I think that pretty much covers the additional make out tips I had planned to post here for now.

Stay tuned for more possible tips in the future 😉 :).