Things I’m Thankful for…

Since it’s Thanksgiving in a few days, I thought I’d do a post on what I’m grateful for…although there’s too many to list and some that I don’t know that there’s words or the right words to say what I’m grateful for…I’ll try to write all or mos of things down I can think of that I’m blessed with in my life.

For the Lord and all the many, many countless blessings He has given me and continues to give me each and every day of my life. For His unconditional love and patience and mercy and understanding and forgiveness etc. that he gives me and shows to me each day of my life. For His atonement.

For being able to go to church and for temples and for being able to feel of the Lord’s spirit and His love for me each and every day.

For prayer and being able to communicate with the Lord and be comforted and strengthened by Him.

I’m grateful to be alive and to have good health and strength.

For modern medicine and all the treatments, cures and such that they have for so many things so that we can all be healthy.

For my totally amazing and awesome husband, He’s my perfect match and my best friend and so many awesome things.

For my family – I have good parents and siblings…especially glad I have my amazing Dad.

For my family that I’ve started with my husband now…I love our little baby girl so, so much already and she can be a handful and time consuming etc. at 4 weeks old, but she brings me/us so much joy that my heart is always so full and happy when I look at her and think of how lucky I am to have her and my husband/best friend in my life. I’m so glad I went through all the bad I did to get to the good and these amazing blessings that I have in my life like my husband and our baby girl.

For my other two beautiful and amazing daughters and their families that I placed them with…I love them and their families so much and am so grateful for all their love and support and the awesome friendships/relationships I have with them that are continuing to grow and develop in such positive ways.

For technology and all the awesome, fun things that are out there with gadgets etc. and the others that are being invented and for all the great ways we can use technology for spiritual things, life, fun, games, schooling and so many other things.

For all the fun games and things that we can play and do with all our family and friends.

For all the enrichment and fulfillment that comes from accomplishing goals, setting them, reaching them and being able to change for the better and expand our knowledge from all the multitude of books that there are to read, enjoy and learn from about so many incredible things.

For being able to have so many talents to share and to develop as well as new talents/skills to learn.

For all my strengths and weaknesses that teach me and help me to grow in many, many ways.

For all the trials and tribulations in my life that I’ve had/have/will have and all the things I’ve learned/continue to learn/and will learn from having my faith tried and tested to help me grow and learn to help myself, my family, friends and others.

For my ability to write and write well with practice and help from the Lord when I want/feel the need or desire to write poetry, stories and other things.

For my opportunity to serve a mission for the LDS church and to spread the word of the God to others and for all the countless opportunities I have had and will continue to have for so many incredible and wonderful things to experience and learn and grow from in my life.

For being able to have food, water and shelter and the things that I and our little family are in need of each and every day during this time when it isn’t always easy with finances and our economy.

For all my wonderful family and friends everywhere around the world that have helped me and continue to help me, set such great examples for me and be such incredible and good family and friends to me.

For all the things outside that make our world so beautiful with trees, mountains, grass, lakes, oceans and all the beautiful nature and wildlife/animals around us and pets that we’re able to have in our homes.

For cars to drive and use as transportation. For being able to be in a pretty safe area to live and to be able to have the Lord help watch over us and protect us each day along with being able to lock our doors and do what we can do to keep ourselves safe.

For being able to stay warm with heaters and cool with air conditioners in the winter and the summer.

For the moisture we receive with snow and rain that we need and for the beauty that comes with/whenever it snows and/or rains.

And for so many, many other things…but I’m going to end this for now and if I think of something else I want/need to add to this post during the rest of this week/month…then I’ll come back otherwise hope everyone else has a fantastic week and a delicious Thanksgiving with all their family and/or friends.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope it’s all you hope for and that your hearts as well as your stomachs will be full and you will be happy and full of gratitude :).


ETA:  I did send a birthday present to my daughter, who turned 7 yrs old yesterday and talked to her mom a few days ago also so I didn’t forget Sweet Pea, her birthday or that she’s already 7 years old now…where does the time keep going…but I was otherwise occupied most of her birthday yesterday taking care of our little miss wiggles who turned 4 weeks old yesterday.  I also decided that if I feel sad or ever feel the need to be sad/upset etc. around Sweet Pea’s (7) birthday or Miss Bookworm’s (8 1/2) birthday…I’ll be sad or what not on the day I placed them not on their birthdays because the day when the sadness/hard feelings came was on the days that I placed my two girls not on the days they were born…but this year I haven’t felt as much sadness about Sweet Pea…I think because of how things are changing with my having and parenting a daughter with my husband now and because of how good my relationship/friendship is and has been with Sweet Pea’s family and all.


Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! 2011 is going to be a good year…I have a good feeling about it.

Hope everyone’s had good times for the Holidays. We had a visit with Sweet Pea’s parents last night, just us two and her mom and dad…we hung out, played some Wii games, talked, Sweet Pea’s mom showed me some home movies and pictures too…I saw the home movie of Sweet Pea (6) finishing the scavenger hunt that Sweet Pea’s mom did to tell Sweet Pea and her sister about their trip to Disneyland…which they’re going end of Jan/beginning of Feb.

It’ll be Sweet Pea’s first time to Disneyland and she’s WAY excited for it lol. I watched the home movie and couldn’t stop smiling and laughing at Sweet Pea running around and bouncing up and down all so freakin excited for Disneyland. It was awesome to see the little home movie of her reaction to finding out about their trip to Disneyland and the way her face lit up and was so full of joy and happiness…it’s seeing and hearing about things like that with Sweet Pea (6) as well as Miss Bookworm (7 1/2) that I absolutely LOVE and continually remind and give me peace of mind about them doing so well, being so loved and everything with their families.

Anyway, Hopefully Hubby will be getting a job soon and it’s a job he’d like doing and not just a job to earn money so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for that plus he’s doing great with his online schooling also.

So, we’re doing good, hanging in there and had a great Christmas and New Years etc. Hoping for things to keep going well and improve so here’s to 2011 being a great year :).

Valentine’s Day Report

Finally, we’re getting to the positives now…Valentine’s Day was one of the best days and the best Valentines I’ve ever had.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have Cory in my life because he’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Okay so this is how Valentine’s Day went down…At 7:30 a.m. MST, my boyfriend comes over to my apartment planning to come in and grab me to take me to breakfast in my pajamas, but I forgot about him hinting to me before to leave my deadbolt off on Valentine’s Day so my deadbolt was on and I had to let him in.  Well and I was awake in my pajamas when he came over, but he still surprised me and caught me off guard and I was like what are you doing here and he was like we’re going to breakfast so come on I’ll give you a little time to get changed and then we’ve got to go so I was like no way like this isn’t really happening is it…and he was like pushing me to my bedroom to hurry and change so we could go eat breakfast before his first class at 9:30 a.m. MST. so he gave me 15 minutes to change and then we left and he took me out to breakfast.  I was in total shock and half asleep and not exactly feeling all that coherent until we were finishing up breakfast and then he brought back to my apartment and told me he’d talk to me and see me later.  I was like okay.

Okay so here’s where things started to head toward getting messed up and not going exactly as planned because of what had happened with the stupid teacher on Tuesday.  Well, see, the class that was dropped because of the bad experience with this stupid teacher was on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. so Cory was planning to come to my apartment and set some things up etc. while I was going to be in class, he thought and originally I was planning to be gone during that time frame so that if he was planning anything it wouldn’t be messed up because of the teacher and the class being dropped at all because I had decided not to tell Cory about it yet because I didn’t want to ruin Valentine’s Day by telling him about it.  Well things happened and I ended up being at my apartment still when Cory showed up to do the stuff he’d planned and he still left and did some of the stuff because I was in the bathroom at the time he showed up, but it still kind of messed up some of what he was planning to do obviously.

Well, he tried to talk to me through the bathroom door to see what was going on, but I was, of course, feeling really bad and like an idiot about the whole thing so I didn’t want to say anything so I was trying to come up with some excuse that he would believe, but it wasn’t working and so I stayed in the bathroom for a while because I thought if I stayed in there it wouldn’t mess up his plans as much.  Anyway later on he comes back over and asks me why I’m still in the bathroom and if I’ll come out and I was feeling really bad about having kind of messed up his plans so I was wanting to hide more so I was like I’m not doing anything and just sat there for a while and then he got a little upset and a little emotional and started asking me to please come out of the bathroom because he’d tried so hard to do this stuff for me for Valentine’s because he’s not usually a really romantic person so I came out of the bathroom to talk with him because I felt like an idiot.

Anyway, he told me how he’d wanted and hoped things would go as he’d planned with leaving this GIANT Valentine card here for me to find after I came home from class and then I’d be so happy about the card and all and I’d call him to come over and he’d show up on the doorstep with roses and it would be so cute and perfect and then he was going to cook me spaghetti for dinner and then I was here so we/he had to switch things around with the plan.  Well after he told me about everything and how he’d tried so hard and was feeling bad about things not having gone as planned because I had been at the apartment instead of gone to class…I broke down in tears and told him what had happened the day before (Tuesday) with this teacher and all the things that the teacher had said to me etc. as I related in the story in the previous post about that whole situation that had happened.

I also told him how I’d planned to tell him later like the next day or something because I hadn’t wanted it to ruin Valentine’s Day, but then my not telling him about it had ended up putting a damper on the Valentine’s Day plans anyway so I felt even worse.  After I told him, he felt bad for having got upset with me and got really ticked about the teacher having done and said those things to me and told me we or I needed to go talk to someone about it.  He told me he understood why I hadn’t told him this time, but he told me I needed to make sure and tell him these things right when they happened after this time or he’d be really mad at me for not telling him if it happened again.

Anyway after we hugged and talked and explained everything from both our sides, we decided to forget about the stupid teacher for the rest of the day and just go from where we were and kind of start over with the Valentine’s Day stuff.  So, I went and opened the GIANT Valentine card, which was the best card I’ve ever had with everything he’d written in it and all and then he gave me my roses – 4 red ones for love and 2 yellow ones for friendship and we hugged and kissed some more and then figured out something to put my roses in with water.  Then I told him I needed to do something and went and grabbed his Valentine and brought it out for him.  Oh and besides the GIANT card and roses that he gave me, he also got me this whole pecan pie because pecan pie is my favorite and he decided that chocolate was a traditional Valentine gift so he got me something different and gave me the pie instead.

Then he was going to get the stuff out to make spaghetti for dinner and I suggested that we just have a frozen pizza or something like that so we ended up just cooking a frozen pizza for dinner instead of the spaghetti.  Well then I had him open his Valentine, which he loved…I gave him a card, some chocolate and a game that he liked and he’s been playing with it all week long since Valentine’s Day when I gave it to him now lol.  I also found some fun little Valentine games for us to play with dice you roll and on each side of the dice, it said things like slow dance, hug, kiss, cuddle real close etc. and then this other little game I found was a little spin the bottle thing on a little paper type wheel that would point to things that said kiss for 30 seconds, french kiss, hug, sing a love song, say something to make your partner blush etc. and we had some fun playing those little games too.

After we had dinner, we danced to our song and stuff and then talked some more and then we were talking about what else to do and I asked him if he wanted to watch a romantic movie or something like that and he was all yeah I definitely want to watch a movie and you pick one and we can have these other treats/snacks while we watch the movie and cuddle.  I was like well, alright then and I kind of thought it was weird that he was so into wanting to watch a romantic movie with me at first, but then I thought well okay it is Valentine’s Day so whatever so we were going to read some of Harry Potter too, which we’ve been reading together, but then it got late so we decided to just watch the movie instead.  I decided to watch Sabrina with Harrison Ford in it, which I love that movie and think it’s one of the greatest movies…if you’ve seen it then you know what I mean :).

Anyway, we started the movie and got comfortable and then just before midnight when Valentine’s Day ended officially, Cory paused the movie and said okay I have one last thing to give you for Valentines and I was like okay.  Then he started telling me how he thought my walls were kind of bare and I was like what’s wrong with my walls and he was like I think your walls need something else so he reached under the couch where we were sitting and pulled out this large framed picture he’d gotten, which was a picture of Christ with a child on His lap and I was just a little shocked to say the least lol.

I mean it was a picture that I liked and I’d always wanted, but I’d never gotten it because whenever I’d looked at those pictures that were all nice and framed like the one he’d given me they’d been too expensive.  So, I had a pretty good idea that he’d spent a lot on me and it was just the coolest pictures so anyway all in all everything turned out in the wash and Valentines Day turned out to be a pretty good day despite the other stuff in the end.

I even think that the misunderstandings and the stupid thing happening with the teacher and so forth actually helped us to become even closer to each other and I know for me it made me realize even more how much he loves me and that he’ll always be there for me.  Anyway, overall, it was one of the best days so that helped balance out the other negative not so great crap that happened this week :).

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I just thought I’d put up a quick little post to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day today =)!!!

I hope you all have a good one, whether you’re celebrating Single Awareness Day, Valentine’s Day or Wednesday or Who Cares Day…I hope it’s a great one for all of you.

Have some fun, eat some candy, buy yourself something or hopefully you’ll get a great gift from someone.  Take a break, relax and pamper yourself or have someone pamper you today…you deserve it and you’re an awesome person, whoever you are =).

I’ll most likely post again later if there’s anything to report or share about my Valentine’s Day, but for now…here’s to hoping everyone has a great day today =).

Sending out Hugs to everyone =).

Lights at Temple Square

Lights at Temple Square

Originally uploaded by Rob Elkins.

So, this was one of the activities my boyfriend and I did over the Christmas break. We went and saw the lights at temple square as shown here.

I didn’t take this picture, I just found it in the flickr photos by the way and it was taken by another flickr member. But this is pretty much what the lights at temple square looked like when my boyfriend and I went to see them one night – they’re always gorgeous lights and it was a pretty romantic outing.

One of my favorite activities that we did together over the break :).

I’m Alive…I Promise!!!

Yeah, I’m still here. I haven’t died or anything although some of you might have thought I’d fallen off the face of the earth because I was slacking with my duties of bloggging again lol.

What can I say…my computer was being weird and then I just got back from California this past Wednesday night and had to catch up on spending time with the boyfriend and getting some hugs and kisses to make up for the week we weren’t together lol.

Anyway, my trip to Cali was pretty good. It could have been better if my boyfriend had been with me and if my nieces and nephew hadn’t been givin attitude or bein bratty so much…well, I should say it was my nephew and a couple of my younger nieces that were more bratty than the older ones who didn’t give that much attitude.

But, yeah, by the time it was time to come home from our trip to Cali, we were all ready to come home and stop living all in the same house together. I mean there’s only so much you can take of being around family sometimes, ya know. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love them and all and it’s great to see them and spend time with them, but there’s something to be said of having your own space, freedom and independence, ya know.

Speaking of which, I’m thinking it’s time to go back to my home up at school…not that I don’t like being around my parents and family, but I want to be back in my own place again now. I still have a week until school starts again though, but I’ll be more than ready to go back when the time comes next Sunday to go back to my own place.

I did have fun going to the beach in Cali and being warm at Christmas for a change though. I had fun being with family and all and I’ve been having fun doing things with the boyfriend, his family and my family too.

Since I’ve come back from Cali this past Wednesday night, I’ve gone to look at Christmas lights and see a church movie with the boyfriend on Thursday that we both wanted to go do together…it was fun and kind of romantic too. Then on Friday we went to his Dad’s side of the family’s Christmas party, then we went to some shopping area by the movies and got some yummy chocolate and saw the movie, “The Night at the Museum” with Ben Stiller in it…it was a good movie. I really liked that movie, it was cute and funny and well, just a really good movie. Then yesterday, I just hung out with the boyfriend at his parent’s house, talked, watched the movie, “Narnia” and cuddled <— one of my favorite things, which it didn’t use to be, but it is more so one of my fave things now.

Tonight in a little while I’ll be going with my boyfriend to play games and hang out with my family for New Year’s Eve and then tomorrow for New Year’s Day, I’ll be with the boyfriend and his friends for part of the day playing games, watching football and whatever else. I might go with the boyfriend and my parents to a movie tomorrow sometime too…we’ll see.

Oh and I already told you, but let me assure you again that no, I haven’t gotten a diamond for Christmas or New Year’s and I won’t be getting one either. I hate waiting, but I guess that’s the way it goes unless I want to ask him, but I don’t like that idea so much…I’d rather have him do it…when and if that ever happens…along these lines…he did decide to go off and do the out of state summer job for sure…not looking forward to that, but that’s a whole other blog entry though.

Anyway, I did get a sandwich maker for Christmas from my parents and a gift card and candy and my fave kind of hot chocolate and other candy and stuff. I got a game and pair of socks that I don’t really like so the family who gave me those told me I could go exchange them for what I wanted :). I got lots of fun stuff for Christmas presents from both my girls families though…most importantly pictures, which I don’t have on the computer yet, but I’ll put them on when I can.

I also have pictures from my trip to Cali to put on here still. So, yeah that’s what has been going on with me and my boyfriend got his own car now so we trade off which car we drive instead of mainly using my car now, which is nice. So, I’ve had a good Christmas and a pretty good break from school and all and I’m just about ready to go back now. I know I’ll be more than ready by the time I go back next week though.

So, that’s what is up with me and I don’t know how it’s possible, but I love Cory even more now than I did before…it just keeps changing and evolving and getting stronger. Our whole friendship/relationship keeps changing, evolving and getting stronger along with our love lately too…just since I came back from California. It’s weird, it’s like my trip to California or rather us being apart for a week made things change, evolve and get stronger…if I would have known how us being apart for a week or so would have changed and made things even better before…I would have gone away sooner lol.

Anyway, so yeah that’s me and how things are going, although there’s the impatient, frustrating downside to everything getting better too and yes my friendly low self-esteem issues surfaced again too. I know, I didn’t really miss them either, but they surfaced again :p. But, yeah, I’m dealing with it and with them as usual.

I hope everyone else has been having a good break, great Christmas and that you’ll all have a Happy New Year!!!

I’m so pathetic…

Okay, I’m not putting myself down or having a low self-esteem moment…just so ya know…I’m just saying I can’t believe myself because of how much I miss Cory when we haven’t seen each other since Wednesday afternoon now.

I mean, it hasn’t been that long yet, but it’s still been longer than I’m use to going without seeing him and I don’t miss him a lot, but I do already miss him some.  I miss him more at night when I have more time to think about him and when I would usually be snuggling with him and watching a movie.

Well, we’ll see how I survive and how I am by the time I haven’t seen him for a week.  I wonder how it’s going to be when we see each other again this time after not having seen each other for a week.  It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I need to see about getting some sleep before I get up to head out on the trip to Cali so hope everyone’s having fun and has a Merry Christmas :D.

I’m Such a Slacker…

Ha, ha…I know I’ve been slacking with keeping up with writing in my blog here and well with keeping up with online life as well lol.

The only thing I’ve been doing good at is keeping up with my family, a few friends and Cory with Christmas break and all.  It’s been kind of busy yet relaxed since Cory and I came home for break.  It’s just that we’re always together as usual, but over with his family and then over with my family and I’ve been running around to finish up Christmas shopping :p.

So, my family had their Christmas dinner last night (Monday night) because me and my parents are going to Cali to be with my sister and kids for Christmas.  Well and then Cory, his Dad and one of his friends are going to Vegas on Wednesday for a few days because of a bowl game so Cory and I won’t see each other for a whole week – oh my freakers…I know :p.

Anyway, Cory’s been giving me my Christmas presents early since we won’t be together on Christmas, which sucks, but oh well, there’ll hopefully be next year for us to have Christmas together, right.  Now that I finished getting Cory’s presents I’ve got to give them to him in the next couple days before he goes to Vegas.  I also just finished getting the presents for my two girls and their families so I’ll be sending those packages off tomorrow/today and hoping they get there alright.  I still haven’t gotten a present for my Dad and I have something for my Mom, but not sure if I’m going to give here what I have or try to find something else.  I also have to get something for my brother and wife that I drew to give to still – I got part of their present, but need one more thing and then I’m trying to decide if I should or want to give something to Cory’s parents for Christmas or not because if I do then I’ll have to get that to them when I go over on Wednesday before they leave for Vegas, ya know.

Oh, yeah and so far out of the couple gifts Cory’s given me for Christmas, it’s nothing like Holy Cow exciting and don’t worry everyone, he’s told me and assured more than once that I will not be getting a Diamond ring for this Christmas.  So, no, everyone, sorry to burst your bubble, if you were hoping or getting all excited to hear anything exciting from me, but we’re not going to be getting engaged this Christmas and I’m not getting a ring either nor will I be getting one for a while still.

Don’t worry when (and if) it happens, I will take a picture and post it on here of me with my ring and send you announcements/invitations if you want one ;).

Well, I hope all’s well with everyone else and that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I’m sure I’ll write again before Christmas, but just in case I’m saying Merry Christmas and all right now :).

Everything’s great with Cory and I and everything else still.  He’s like my best friend and I don’t know how to express or explain it all, but it’s changing and improving continually with us and I love him even more now than I did before.  It amazes me how our love for each other continues to grow so much as it does.

Anyway, hope all’s well and just thought I’d let ya all know I’m still alive…if you were wondering, that is :).

Halloween Mood Music

Ray Parker – Ghostbusters

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Here’s some Halloween theme music for ya all since it’s now officially October.

Now all the freaks are gonna come out and play with Halloween on the horizon here lol.

Well and I’m procrastinating studying for a math test at the moment so I thought, I should put up some fun Halloween stuff.

Hope you’re all having fun =).
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Happy 4th of July!!! =)

I hope everyone’s been having a good 4th of July today!  So, everybody getting ready for fireworks now – one of the best parts of the 4th of July :D!  I’m getting excited for fireworks in about an hour give or take :).

I’ve had a good 4th of July so far – I went and saw “Superman Returns” with my family earlier and it was an awesome movie!  That movie was intense and the special effects were soo cool!  I just love, love, loved that movie!!!  I want to see it again now :).

The next awesome movie to see will be Pirates – coming out this Friday – YAY!!!  I still haven’t seen the Lake House yet either so hopefully I’ll get to see that one in a while :).

Can you believe it’s July already??  I don’t know where the time keeps going – I keep wanting it to stop or wait a minute, but this is time we’re talking about here.  Time keeps going faster when I want it to slow down – eek.

I only have about 1 month and 3 weeks until I’ll be going back to school in the fall and living on my own away from home – eek!  I mean this is exciting and all, but it’s also kind of nerve wracking making this change, but it really needs to happen for me and my sake as well as my parents.  It’s past time that I need to move out on my own and create some more space/distance between my parents & I – specifically my mom. 

My mom and I just can’t stay living under the same roof – it just won’t work and I don’t want to stay living with her either.  I am going to miss my Dad and being able to bug, talk and hang out with him though.  My Dad and I have a good relationship so that’s what I’ll miss more and my friends/neighbors that I’ve become close to also :(.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s having a good 4th of July :).  Also, I hope everyone stays safe with the celebration today/tonight :D.

God Bless America – Happy 4th of July Everyone :D!!!