Some Thoughts

I’ve been thinking of what to write for my next post/entry here on my blog and been at a loss so to speak…as in I’m in that state the last few days or so where you feel like you don’t have anything to say and at the same time you have too much to say, but don’t know which to say or write about, ya know.

I keep having different thoughts etc. running through my head as starts to lots of different possible entries, but nothing as in a whole entry comes out. It’s just partially deciding what I want/feel like writing here and what I want to write somewhere else more private and what I don’t want to write ever, but then again I’ve written and lived a lot of what I wish I didn’t write ever so who knows ya know.

For example, there’s lots of entries I could write about my mother and one about how she’s made it that much more of an irritating thing and added to some of my emotional overload at times about Miss Bookworm (7 yr. old) and the news I recently found out about her aparents getting divorced. I mean seriously my mother should learn some freaking patience already and how to give people space.

Then there’s my still processing though I’ve processed the initial shock and digestion of the details of Bookworm’s aparents divorce, but I don’t want to put that sensitive stuff out there for everyone to see and at the same time I do cause I’m just disgusted at what the adad did and everything that lead to this divorce.

And there’s this stupid weather, I mean what’s up with this seriously…snow two weeks ago and now 80 degrees. I mean seriously, does the weather have issues much or anything.

Also there’s lots of other things, more personal and otherwise etc. and my planning to apply and hopefully go back to school online this fall. There’s also about Hubby looking for work and going to a class to figure out what to do about possibly starting his own business fixing computers and such from home.

And there’s how I was thinking just a few weeks or a month ago about stopping blogging and taking a break or something, but then not long after I was thinking about that all of a sudden here I was/am again blogging all over the place again. Then I realized I’m probably not ready to take a break from blogging or anything like that now although part of me wondered if it would make any difference to anyone if I stopped blogging or not. I thought it’s no big deal if you blog or don’t blog or who reads it or doesn’t, but it does matter…well as in it matters to me if I blog or not and if I read and write what I need to or not because pretty much I write here for me.

Of course, I’ve learned that there are a few people who enjoy my blog perhaps more than I thought and I have found a lot of blogs I enjoy reading and learning from also. So, you can see I’ve had a lot of thoughts I’ve been thinking of writing, but not forming well into nice pretty complete posts so here they are all together.

Perhaps, I’ll be able to form one or more of them into its own entry in the next while…according to whatever comes to mind with these topics and thoughts that is.