Something of My Adoption Poetry

Over at Grown In My Heart, it’s Adoption Carnival time and the topic is poetry. I’ve written quite a bit of poetry, though I’m not the rhyming type…so this is just one from the past I decided to put up.

I wrote it after placing both my girls…and it’s one I used when giving presentations a few times to high school classes when giving my perspective on adoption as a mother who had placed a child/children for adoption. I haven’t written any new poetry for a while now or anything so this was one that I thought would be good to put up now and still when I read this I get kinda choked up with all the emotions and memories.

A Mother’s Kiss

When both my daughters
were born,
My heart was so full
Of joy and pain

As I looked into
Their beautiful blue eyes
I saw my blue eyes,
A piece of heaven
And myself reflected there

Such a beautiful gift
God gave me those days,
Holding my daughters,
After giving birth

Close to my heart
So they would know
How my heart beat
Just for them

And how my heart
Would belong
To them
Now and for always

Such precious time
I spent with my girls
So full of love,
Light and happiness

Then came the pain
Heartbreaking & exquisite
When that time came
That dreaded moment

When I stood,
With them in my arms,
Pressed close to me,
Close to my breaking heart

Walked to another woman
Who they would call mother
And gently placed
My precious girls
In their arms

Placed them
in the other woman’s arms
And gently gave them
one last kiss

A mother’s kiss
Full of love and pain
On their soft forehead
As I whispered,
I love you, then turned
And walked away

Leaving my precious child
A part of me, heart and soul
To live a full, happy life
Without me there

So, now I pray each day
Dear Lord,
Send my daughters
All my tender love

And please don’t let them forget
Help them to remember
My one last kiss
A mother’s kiss

Written by Anne
April 10, 2005

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  1. I just did what I felt was best and right for my girls and me and what I felt I needed to…but I know what you mean.

    I’m not always sure how I did it either…or how I keep doing it with keeping my relationships going with them etc.

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