I liked this article

Why Birth Moms Deserve Respect

What are your thoughts on it? I thought it was a pretty decent article and I identified with a lot of it myself although I know not everyone will agree with the article or my feelings about it.

In my circles, in my family, my girl’s families and my husband’s family…I am accepted with the fact that I’ve placed my two girls…but my corner of the world isn’t what a lot would call the norm.

But if society can accept/support gays/lesbians adopting a child and mothers keeping and single parenting their child etc…why can’t they accept birth mothers and stop trying to lump us all into one category.

I mean I still don’t get why some people find us (mothers who have placed children for adoption) such a threat or so offensive anyway.

I did what was best for my girls…I love them just like their moms (amoms) love them. Both myself and my girl’s moms would do anything to protect my/our girls…I’m a mother too…even though I’m not the mother raising them…I did what any mother does by putting my child’s well being and needs in front of my own and doing what I felt was right and best for them.

It just happened that what I felt was right and best for my girls was to place them for adoption. Which isn’t to say that it wasn’t hard and it was definitely not easy and still isn’t easy and not a decision I made lightly, but it was the best decision and the right one for my girls and me in my situations.