A little upset…

but it was another good/great Mother’s Day in spite of the upsetting information I got today.

I’m just disgusted with some men and pornography etc. I found out that porn is indeed the reason why my 7 yr. old’s parents are getting divorced. As in the adad was into porn and that’s just a way of simplifying it since I don’t really want to write out all the not pretty picture crap.

My 7 yr. old and her mom are moving soon and the sooner they move away from the adad and the divorce is final, the better is what I say.

Disgusting, I’m just disgusted and angry at/with the adad right now and I’ve been going through a range of emotions on and off dealing with the news that my 7 yr. old’s parents were getting divorced, but haven’t known where to direct my anger, but now I do.

A lot or most of my anger belongs directed at the adad as far as I’m concerned…he’s a sad, stupid excuse of a man…disgusting.