I’ve processed…

and gotten over the shock from finding out about my 7 yr. old’s parents getting divorced now, but there’s still other questions I am thinking of asking my 7 yr. old’s mom in an e-mail.  I just haven’t done it yet, but I will soon.

Anyway, other than that not much else to report talk about regarding my 7 yr. old and her parents…no new updates with them just yet.

I think it was about a couple weeks ago now on Sat, April 10 that my 5 yr. old’s parents came over and we had our game night like we’d been planning for a while.  It was great, we all had a really fun time and we all got along great.  They were here at our place for quite a while, but it didn’t seem like that long at all and we talked about all sorts of things and had lots of fun with games and snacks and all.

My hubby made his yummy cinnamon rolls and we bought some other goodies and it was just a really great time…can’t wait to get together and do it again sometime soon.  We are planning to drop by their house just before Mother’s Day next weekend since they’re having a jewelry show and invited us over if we wanted to drop by and say Hi so we’re planning to drop by next Saturday.  I’m excited to go by and say Hi and see their jewelry show not to mention that I think it’s cool we’ll get to see each other right before Mother’s Day this year so maybe I’ll bring over and drop off her Mother’s Day gift too :D.

Other than that with things still going good and all with both my girls and their families, nothing major to report.  We’re hoping to start our family and have our own kids soon, but we’ll see how things go.  The weather here is all messed up and keeps going between the extremes of hot and cold, but no happy medium of warm or just right in between hot and cold.  It would be nice if the weather here would make up its mind though.

Anyway, I’m working on getting back into being more regular with posting on my blog here and so far it’s been around once a month or so I’ve been posting, so hopefully I’ll keep up with more regular posting here :D.

I always have things I think of to write and catalog in my mind to write down here later, but I don’t always remember them or write them down later for one reason or another so I need to try to sit down and write what I think of right when I think of it or closer to right after I think of it so I don’t lose it or forget it.

Oh well, just gotta keep working at it and trying to do my best with my blog here and all :).