Have to say…

I’ve had a lot of posts forming and sitting in my mind, but haven’t written them out yet…but let’s just say I’ve been stressing because of my mother and everything so my fiance and I are going to go back down to stay with his parents for a week.

We’re going down there so I can get away from my mother and get a break and so that we can help them out with getting things ready for the open house/reception we’ll be having down there.  Also we’ve decided to move and live down there with his parents for the summer so we’ll probably check out some jobs down there while we’re there for a week or two.

All I can say is I’ve just about reached my limit with my mother…so I’m glad I’m going down there for a little while.


I also have some adoption posts forming and sitting in my mind…but I haven’t written them cause I haven’t wanted to deal with those emotions on top of everything else right now, but stay tuned…I promise to write some more soon.


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  1. Don’t accept negative energy from your mum. Treat her as if you have no historical record. Give her love and kindness asking for nothing in return. Do not accept emotional baggage, project guilt, or unreasonable request. Set firm boundaries and explain that you will do everything in your power to help her, but you are not a doormat. Parents, like children, need established guidelines and rules. She will fight you in the beginning, but it will strengthen your relationship.

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