Giving My Notice…

I know I’ve been slacking again…but this week’s been busy with everything.  I finished up with my apartment and got everything done with that and now I’m waiting for my deposit to be sent back to me.  I also have done quite a few other things getting ready to leave to Lake Powell Saturday afternoon, 7-14 and have a few things left to do, but I’m pretty much as ready as I’ll ever be to do this week long houseboat trip with the boy and his family.

We went and saw Harry Potter 5 with the last 20 minutes or so in 3-D and it was AWESOME!!!  I LOVED the movie, of course and can’t wait to see it again when I get the chance =).  I got a new swimsuit, a few t-shirts, shorts, sandals etc. for the trip this week too so had some fun shopping, which I haven’t done in forever.

I got a short little e-mail and a few pics of my 2 1/2 yr old just the other day and she keeps growing up and getting so big and I don’t know how time keeps going by so fast.  My 2 1/2 yr old’s sister, who was also adopted, is sending me a little something she made for me, which I think is sweet =).

I’ve, of course, got more to say, but no time to say it in right now so as usual, it’ll have to wait or I’ll write it down in my other personal journal that I write in sometimes that isn’t online.  Anyway, I’m just giving my notice that I’m going on vacation so this blog won’t be updated or have anything happening here for the next week.

I’ll be gone from 7-14 to 7-21 and then I’ll get back on here and update when and as soon as I can after I get back from Lake Powell on 7-21.

I hope everyone will have a great weekend and week this next week =)!  Love ya!  Catch ya laters.


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