I’m Still Here!

Just in case you were wondering, I am still around and haven’t disappeared or anything…I’ve just been busy with life, riding the rollercoaster and working through/on things with myself and my relationship with my boy etc. lately.

I’m getting ready this week to go for a week long trip to Lake Powell with my boy and his family, which should be fun, but will probably also be an adventure and possibly more rollercoaster fun stuff…we’ll see how it goes.

I’m going back to my place one more time tomorrow (Monday) to wrap things up and close up my apartment up there for good.  I have a few last minute things to pick up from my apartment, need to leave the keys, shut off the utilities and those kind of last minute fun things.

I also get to go swimsuit etc. shopping on Tuesday or Wednesday this week for the Lake Powell trip – wheee!  I’m also working on adjusting to the temporarily living situation of being back at my parents and anxiously awaiting when I can work it out to move back out into another place of my own, hopefully, in August or September depending on how everything works out here.  I hate not having my own place and having lost some of my own space/independence with having temporarily moved back in with my parents, but it had to be done for more than one reason.

Anyway, I’m only back here with my parents for a short while before I’ll move out again so it’s not quite as bad as it was before I moved out a year or so ago, if ya know what I mean.

Well, I have lots of other deep thinking things and all to write here and details to give on things, but it’s late and I need to get some sleep to get up and get things taken care of with wrapping it up with my apartment tomorrow so I’ll have to come back and update more later.

Just wanted to let ya know I’m still here…just in case you were wondering =).