Check In Time

Just to let you know I’m still alive and around, I thought I’d better write something here.  I’ve been meaning to blog for a while now and had lots of things to say here, but haven’t quite known how to write them or it’s been late and I’ve been tired so I haven’t written.

Well and being on this rollercoaster lately with life and all, I haven’t always wanted to write down what I’ve thought because it hasn’t always been pretty or positive lately.  Let’s just say I have a lot to say, but if I do say it, it will most likely end up in a private password protected post for personal reasons, of course and I only let very few see those personal password protected posts most of the time.

If you ever want to ask me for a password, then feel free to, but I may not give it to you if I don’t know you that well or don’t feel comfortable with having a lot of people read it.  Just to let you know…well and out of respect to some people in my life I make some posts private and don’t broadcast things also, of course.

Anyway, enough of that, I’m feeling tired and just wish I could have a break from things with life and all sometimes, if ya know what I mean.  My birthday last week was a good one and I really don’t feel any different at 30 then I did at 29.  I went with my family and my boy out to play pretty much all day/all night on my birthday last week.  We went to the aquarium, out to eat at this fun restaurant and then to see the new Fantastic Four movie, which I really liked.  I enjoyed and had fun doing all those things on my birthday last week.

Also after eating my fruit pizza, which was like my birthday cake, and opening a few gifts…nothing big…my boy and I went off by ourselves to play miniature golf and hang out the rest of birthday day/night and then I got my gift from him.  I got a laundry basket from my parents…which I needed since my other one was falling apart and a new pair of summer jammies – green tinkerbell ones, which are fun.  I got a gift certificate to a day spa and some of my fave chocolate candy from my boy and then I’ve gotten a birthday present from my 2 1/2  yr old’s family so far, which was just a nice little dolphin statue, which I love, of course, since it was from them and I do love dolphins.  If I could, I’d love to swim with dolphins or train them or have them as friends/pets…it’s just that I don’t swim that well and I have a little bit of a fear with swimming in oceans and stuff.

Let’s see what else is there to check in with here, yesterday I went with the boy and my family up to my place and we spent pretty much all day yesterday up there moving everything out and cleaning my place out.  We got it all pretty much done and all my stuff pretty much moved out except a few things so I have to go back up there one more time to make sure everything’s out of the place, do one last check with the cleaning, leave my keys and forwarding address and make sure to turn off the utilities etc. and then I’m done.  So, yeah, part of the reason I’m so tired is because of spending all day yesterday moving stuff out of the place and doing all the cleaning and because my sleep schedule’s been a little off and I haven’t had as much sleep the past few days as I usually do.  Also I’m tired because of dealing with the rollercoaster of things emotionally and otherwise…it really can drain you sometimes, ya know…everything with life and all.

I just wish I could have a vacation from it all sometimes.  Oh and I had to take my car in the other day, which I need to try to go pick it up from the shop now that it’s done either today or tomorrow.   I had to take my car in because it needed a lube and oil, but also because I was having problems with the A/C, which I’ve had problems with this car and the A/C before since it is an older car – a 95 Honda Civic…it’s still a really good little car, but it’s getting older and sometimes I wonder how much longer it’s going to last before I’ll need to get a new(er) one.  Anyway, they found a leaky hose with the A/C so they had to order the part and it took a little longer to get fixed than we thought and they found that the last time my car had a lube and oil – whoever did that lube and oil took my air filter out of my car and didn’t put it back because there was no air filter in my car – nice, huh.  Gotta love car issues and some of the dumb lube and oil people.

And of course, on the job front, I’m still searching and applying and interviewing, but not always feeling like anything’s happening – there’s good and bad days with progress and all toward finding the right job for me lately.  I’m hanging in there and trying to keep pushing myself and all when sometimes I just want to give up, but I know the job that’s best for me is out there still and I feel that I will find it and this job searching will come to an end within the next little while or so here.  I don’t know…I just have a feeling that it will all work out in the end soon here so I’m doing my best to keep looking, working on it and hanging in there until I get my reprieve from the job search.

Also, I’m wanting to go hang out with a couple friends in Chicago if I can in July and I’m suppose to go to Lake Powell for a week sometime in July with the boy and his family if I can.  I’m not sure when the dates for both these trips will be, but I have an idea of possible dates for Chicago and if what the boy said yesterday is correct then there’s a possibility that the dates for these trips might be at the same time.  I really would like to do both, if I can, so I’m hoping the dates of the two possible trips here don’t conflict, but of course, I may end up finding a job and not going on either trip so we’ll see.

I’m still with the boy talking marriage in December, but it’s been a real rollercoaster with our relationship and all lately ever since the California sales job thing.  He and I have good days and bad days and sometimes I wish it was easier having a relationship, but ya know how it goes.  Anyway, I have a lot going on here, but some of it’s too personal to write here.

I hope all’s well with all of you and that you’re all hangin in there too with life and everything.