I’m So Excited!!!

Okay I can’t contain myself…I’m literally bouncing off the walls here and I’m never excited to go to bed, but I am tonight because I can’t wait for tomorrow to come!!!

I don’t know how much I’m going to sleep because I am so wound up…geez I can’t even type I’m so hyped up right now lol.

I just have to do a couple things tomorrow and then I get to head out to go down to my parents to start working on getting a new place and a job down there, but most importantly…I get to see Cory when I get there by no later than tomorrow night depending on how things go with what I need/want to get done before I leave.

I am so FREAKING EXCITED to see Cory tomorrow night…I don’t think I’ve been this hyped or wound up in a long time…in fact I don’t remember the last time I was bouncing off the walls this much.

I’m SOOOO excited and Cory doesn’t even know I’m going to be down there tomorrow night…yet…hee hee…he knows I’ve been planning on coming down this week, but he doesn’t know when and I’m not telling so when I show up at his house after I drop my stuff off at my parents tomorrow night…he’ll probably faint or something lol.  I don’t know what he’ll do, but I can imagine how surprised and excited he’s going to be to see me on his doorstep tomorrow night though.

He’ll probably be just about as excited as I am or maybe more when I show up tomorrow night!  Oh my heck, I am so excited…I don’t know how I can possibly go to sleep and do the normal boring things and errands etc. I need to before I leave and get there to see him.

EEEEKKKK!!!  I keep having this song going through my head too…ya know the one by the Pointer sisters I think it was…I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it – WHHEEEE!!!

Wow!  I really haven’t been this excited, hyped up, wound up and happy and all over anything in a long time!

Okay I’m going to try to calm down, get some sleep and what not so I can get up and do my boring things so I can get down there and see him before I die of anticipation and excitement all together here lol!

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  1. Yeah, I know I am, but what are you he hee.

    Um, yeah so as you can see I still haven’t calmed down a whole lot…I talked to him on the phone and that got me even more excited…I didn’t think that was possible until I got off the phone with him and was bouncing off the walls that much more lol.

    Oh and just make sure not to say silly to Cory or around him because he really hates that word…cause of some ‘traumatic’ experience with a little girl when he was a little boy LOL.

    I love to tease him and drive him nuts saying that word all the time and then pretending like I forgot about how he doesn’t like that word hee, hee!

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