WOO HOO! Happy Dance!!

I’m so excited right now…it’s been a good day for the most part =)!  First off, I’m back in my own place now…I like my parents and all although I have a hard time being around my mom all the time, but I love being in and having my own place too so I’m very happy to be back in my own place again.

Although I do feel a little bit more alone back in my own place right now because my boy is gone off in Cali doing his summer job and most of the other people I knew from knowing him and our church are gone too since school ended.  It’s also been a great day because my boy text me earlier tonight to tell me he did make a sale and it went through fine.  I’m happy for him and about that because I was worried with him telling me about how much it sucked and he hated it yesterday so it was good to hear that he sold one for sure today and he probably has one sold for Friday too so things are looking good right now with that whole summer job deal.

Also I’m WAY excited because I got one of my Mother’s Day packages today from my 2 1/2 year old’s family and not only did I get a gorgeous, darling 8×10 nicely framed picture of my 2 1/2 yr old looking all grown up and beautiful, but I also got a movie of her and the past year of her life and a nice little card too.  Oh, but we’re not done yet…I haven’t got to one of the best parts about the Mother’s Day package yet…besides the gorgeous framed picture of my 2 1/2 yr old, the card and the home movie…they gave/had their return address and last name on the package for me so there’s another step of openness that’s happened with my 2 1/2 yr old’s family now just like with my 4 yr old’s family this past Christmas.

I’ve been so hyped up and excited about knowing their last name and address all day now…I think I spent more time being surprised, a little shocked and totally hyper and excited about their last name and address then about the picture, card and home movie lol =).  It’s pretty cool, I think that we’re making this progress with openness and comfort levels with me and both my girls families the way we are.

It’s just nice to have missing pieces of the puzzle filled in and to know their last names and addresses and have access to their identifying information and know that they know and have access to my identifying information as well.  Things are just feeling good right now and some of that I think is because it’s summer, nice outside with the sun shining too and all.  I can’t explain it…it just feels really good right now and like things will probably just keep getting better.

Of course, while I did have all this great stuff of coming back to my place, knowing I’m still alright financially for now even though I don’t yet have a job, my boy making sales and starting to do alright with his summer job in Cali and me making progress and doing well and healthy with my relationships and openness with both my girls families, I still do have a few things missing to make everything really better, but they will come with time.

Those things, of course, being the getting a job, which I know I will, just taking me a little longer right now and the having my boy back from Cali and being married, which will happen just not yet and then getting to see Christine and hang out with more people, which will also happen, just not yet.  So the things that aren’t all here yet that would help make things better are being worked on and/or are in progress at the present so eventually they’ll all come together and happen when they’re meant to happen.

In the meantime, I’m very happy and elated with the things I do have and am experiencing that are making things great for me right now in the present.  I still have to do Mother’s Day gifts and so forth, but now that I have my 2 1/2 yr old’s family’s address etc., I’m thinking of having flowers delivered to my 2 1/2 yr old’s Mom for this Mother’s Day, what do you think?  I’ve always wanted to send flowers to each of my girl’s Moms and now I think I can do it this year, which would simplify looking for gifts this year…just do flowers for both of them and my own mom because I’ve never done or sent flowers on Mother’s Day before so it would be something new and different for me and for them to get from me even though most everyone else does flowers I never have before so I’m thinking of doing it for once this year =).

On another note, while I was out to dinner with my parents tonight before they left and went back home…my mom, of course, ended up turning the discussion somehow toward the wedding and wedding plans and was saying something about the wedding luncheon we should have etc. and I was like I wasn’t going to have a wedding luncheon and she was like oh.  Then she said well you know what would make the whole thing simpler is to just elope and I didn’t like the idea much, but then again maybe it is an idea to be considered lol…what do you think?  I could go either way really since I had a big wedding etc. the first time already…I’ve just been trying to do things a little less the second time because I’d like smaller and so would my boy and since it’s his first wedding I thought we’d do an open house/reception thing too because he’s never done a wedding before and neither of us will likely get married again so anyway just some random thoughts about wedding ideas, feel free to throw yours in the mix.

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  1. No kidding…that’s crossed my mind and when I mentioned this to Cory on the phone last night he said, well you should say to her how about if we go run off and invite everyone or all the parents except you and then see what she says lol.

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