A Little Worried

Well, it’s only been two days so far into the 3 months summer job in Cali, but I’m a little worried and hoping things will get better in the next week or two for Cory.

He’s already talked to me and told me how he’s having a hard time and doesn’t like the job and that it sucks.  I’m hoping he’ll be able to get a sale soon or that something positive will happen otherwise if things keep going sucky, he might be coming home earlier than August and have to find a new job or something else to do for the rest of the summer.

We had a better, longer conversation on the phone tonight before he went to bed, but he still didn’t have a good day and no sales or anything.  Of course, it’s only the second day out and his first full day out trying to sell so I’m hoping things will improve within the next couple weeks otherwise I think he might end up deciding to come home early.  He did mention on the phone when we were joking around about something and I said yeah I win and I want my prize that my prize was the 3 month break from him and I said it’s 98, well 96 day break now and he said well if we/I make it that far, we’ll see how things go so we’ll see how things go and hope that things work out alright whatever happens.

I get to go back home to my place tomorrow so I’m excited for that, but I’ll probably be back down with my parents this weekend again because it’s Mother’s Day and all.  I’ve still got to try to get Mother’s Day presents taken care of and sent although I have let my girls moms know that they might be late because of the other things that were going on with Cory leaving and all.  I also get to go back home to clean and see my birdie and my parents want to eat at a restaurant by my place that’s not down here and maybe go up the canyon by there because they’ve never seen that canyon so we’ll see what exactly my parents and I end up doing tomorrow.

My parents might stay the night depending on what we decide to do and either go back Wednesday night or Thursday morning.  I also have to make sure to mail a couple bills along with cleaning, settling back into my place and the Mother’s Day gifts and so forth.

Oh and I went and saw Spiderman 3 again – my second time with my Dad because he wanted to see it and my Mom didn’t want to go see it with him.  I think Spiderman 3 was an awesome movie and my Dad really liked it too.  It was better watching Spiderman 3 with my Dad then with Cory because my Dad liked it and what not.  Of course, it was better with Cory because it was Cory and we got to cuddle and hold hands while we watched the movie.

Cory’s so great and he told me how much he loves me and thinks I’m beautiful tonight, which was great to hear as always and made me miss him more – ha.  And here I thought I couldn’t miss him anymore, but somehow I keep missing and loving him even more with every hour and day that we’re apart.

I can’t wait until we get married – I hope, I hope, I hope soon!  Well preferably sooner rather than later, but I’ll make it somehow until that day.