Wahoo! We’re True Aggies!!!

The Infamous A

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My boy and I became True Aggies just the other night, Friday night at midnight.  We went, stood around and waited in line with tons of other people until midnight when they explained the ‘True Aggie’ tradition of kissing on ‘The A’ and so forth and then proceeded to direct couples to go stand on The A to kiss and become true aggies.

He and I were one of the first few couples in line and we went up, stood on top of the A and kissed…so we’re True Aggies now – Wahoo!!!  We each got a card stating that we are True Aggies that we filled out that say we stood on the A on this day, Friday, and were kissed at midnight by our significant other etc. and are now known as True Aggies with all the privileges and rights that go with that title etc. and so forth.

Everyone had their pictures taken and the pictures are to go up on the wall of a new True Aggie cafe they’re opening so we can go have a sandwich at the cafe and see our picture of us becoming True Aggies, if we want.  We don’t get to have a copy of the picture though because it was taken to put up in the cafe and not for us, but we did get to have the experience, get the card saying we’re True Aggies and watch others do it.

It was a lot of fun and crazy to see all the people there to become True Aggies.  We felt happy about it afterwards because we were like well now the past year has been worth it since we became True Aggies lol…not to mention that I got the boy…he says he got me…so we got each other and we’re getting married later on this year and some other things that didn’t make the past year up here a total waste, but our becoming True Aggies just added to it not being a waste 😉 lol.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to the past few days, hanging out with the boy, job hunting (still) – but I have been getting some calls now and trying to see if I can set up some interviews for this next week so hopefully one of them will work out plus I have a few other places to apply at that sound like they could be good jobs too.  Also, of course, we went to play miniature golf, saw a movie called “premonition”, which was interesting, if you want to know more about that movie then just ask away.

And of course, as mentioned above, we were up to becoming True Aggies just the other night as well and he’s leaving for his summer job in Cali in about two weeks now, which sucks, but life goes on and we’ll survive until August somehow right and then we’ll be able to get married later on after he gets back.  Man what a fun and interesting summer this may turn out to be – I’m not being sarcastic or anything there ha ha.

Okay well that’s my little check in for now…I have other things to write, say and talk about, but I’ll have to write more later on.