True Love

I can honestly say I’ve found my true love and I have so much faith in us and in him, it amazes me some days.  I don’t know how to explain it really, but I just can’t believe it…I’m…we’re still falling even more in love with each other and it really is the true, lasting, forever kind of love…I just feel it and know the more we go and fall in love, ya know.

I really don’t know how to say what I’m feeling or what I want to express here…it’s just…Wow.  I never thought I’d find this guy or this love and yet here it is, here he is and here I am now…amazing how it all happens.

What so many of the other guys wanted in my past that I never wanted or felt I could give them…my whole heart, soul and everything…all of me – I want to give to him and he’s never asked or tried to demand it of me like the others did.

I want to do so many things for him to show him how much I really do truly love him and how much he means to me and I am just amazed by how overwhelmed I am by this feeling of true, deep and everlasting love I have and that keeps growing even when we have our disagreements.  I don’t know how to describe it words, but it’s really amazing to me.

All sorts of songs and sayings are running through my head and none of them seem to be adequate enough to describe how much, how true and how deeply I love him and know he loves me too and he’s like my best friend too, which makes it that much more of a true love for me, ya know.


4 comments on “True Love

  1. Yeah he knows how I feel and feels the same way. What I meant by he’s never asked for my whole heart was more I was referring to the fact that he’s never demanded or thought he deserved me to give him my whole heart etc like the other guys in my past. What I meant was simply that he respects me and hasn’t ever pushed me or tried to demand anything of me…I was just talking/thinking out loud in this post and wasn’t sure how to say what I was thinking is all.

    I already know what he’s looking for…we’re going to get married later on this year. Thanks for the concern anyway though :).

  2. Have you told him how you feel? When you say he’s never asked you “for your whole heart” or tried… makes me wonder what he’s looking for, you know? I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate, just want you to be careful- hearts are quite fragile so we need to be careful who we put in charge of them. 🙂

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