I’ll Be a Good Wife and Mother!

There’s times when someone says something special and compliments you that sticks with you and then helps you to see that what they say is actually true and not just something said to make you feel good.

The boy said this to me the other day and he’s said a few times, but every time he says it, I feel more truth and confidence about the saying being true, ya know.

I just was thinking about this the other day and he is right, ya know…I will be a dang good wife and mother because of what I’ve been through and because of who I am.  I’ll be that much better at being a wife because of what I learned from going through my first bad marriage as well as what I know and have learned growing up and in life.  I’ll also be that much better of a mother because of the fact that I had and placed my first two girls and because of what I’ve learned about being a mother from going through that and keeping in contact with both my girls families.  As well as the fact that I’ll be a good mother simply because of what I know and have learned growing up and in life as well.

Of course, I’ll still make mistakes and keep learning how to be a better/good wife and mother, but he’s right, I already will be a pretty dang good wife and mother from where I am, who I am and what I know right now too.  It’s nice to start feeling more confidence and truth in that about myself and to hear that from others too, ya know :).  It helps with the much needed healing I’m working on for myself.


2 comments on “I’ll Be a Good Wife and Mother!

  1. Thanks so much, Kim :D.

    I’m working on trying to be more positive and get my confidence back up along with working on forgiving myself totally. It’s hard work, but I think I’m finally making some progress.

  2. You just get more and more positive. I think this is great. Of course you will be a good wife and mother, you are already a good mother.

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