Happiness – Part 3

Here’s the poem I mentioned in the previous post that I said I was going to find and put up here.

Butterfly of My Soul 

As I drove home the other day,

I saw a butterfly.

A symbol of happiness, hope and love,

So beautiful and so very unique.


As I watched it flutter by me,

I thought of all the butterfly poems.

I wondered why so many people

Could connect to butterflies.


Then I thought of my two daughters,

I’ve placed for adoption.

I wondered, are they seeing

The same butterfly or will they?


So, I blew a kiss to the butterfly,

In hopes that the butterfly would fly

By my daughters,

Land gently on their noses,

And pass on my loving kiss.


Hoping they would feel of my love

Through the butterfly passing on my kiss.

Of course, how would I know

Or anyone if they’d really see

This same butterfly?

It’s the symbolism that makes it

So special to my heart.


But a lot of people think of butterflies,

Passing on their kisses and love

To their children they’ve placed.

My next thought was something new.


As I watched the butterfly,

Fluttering around the parking lot,

I thought to myself,

I am that butterfly.


I thought to myself,

Because of my two daughters,

I’ve been given wings

And feel as if I can fly.





I am now beautiful and unique.

And now I see and recognize that

Beauty and uniqueness in myself.


Because of this painful experience,

I have found myself.

I have found that I am priceless

And I can see my beauty now.


I can see me for who I am

And who I am now is

A person whose

Beauty, love and soul transcends

What it once was in every way.


Because of my daughters, I am me.

I am becoming who I’m meant to be.

I am like the butterfly now.


I am the one that has become

And can be a symbol of happiness,

Hope and love with the help of the Lord.


Because of this,

I know who I am,

What my purpose is,

What I’m doing,

What I want to do

And where I’m going.


Like the butterfly, with the help of God,

I can fly to the highest heights now

Because I’ve been to the lowest lows.

And when I say I love myself and

I know myself, I feel it deeply now.


When I say I am priceless,

And I’ve found my worth

And my place here on earth,

I feel its truthfulness vibrate

To the very core of my being.


So now I am the butterfly,

With all my beauty and flaws.

I am special and priceless and

I will live and love again

With my hand in the Lord’s.


Written by Anne

April 6, 2005

 Ironic, now that I notice, but I wrote this poem exactly two years ago and now I’m feeling like this poem again two years later.  It’s interesting, really how things do that sometimes.

Also with the symbolism of the butterfly, if you look at my myspace page, which you won’t be able to unless you’re one of my friends or have seen it before I opted to go for the private profile, you’d notice two graphics of butterflies on my myspace page.  There is a pink butterfly graphic that I have that represents A – 4 yrs old and a purple butterfly graphic that I have that represents K – 2 1/2 yrs old and most people don’t realize or know the connection and symbolism I have behind those two butterflies on my myspace page, but they’re there.

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