Happiness – Part 2

Here’s another thought that came to me earlier when I was thinking of this happiness post that I’ve been trying to form and it was that I remembered a poem I had written a couple years ago now that describes some of my happiness now.

Well, alright there’s a few verses/parts of the poem that come to mind – not the whole poem together so here’s the parts.

If I could give you,

just one thing,

If I could show you

how my heart sings…


If only you knew

how I wake each day,

to the beautiful,

brilliant suns rays


If only I could express

that love and

those feelings

that press upon my chest


That gives me hope,

that give me life,

and help me to

for another day

be able to cope


If only I could

show you all the

happiness and

all the love that

comes to me

from up above


Spoon it all out

through your lips

so it would

fill your waiting mouth


So you could feel it

spill out your mouth and

drip down your chin

causing you to grin


I have another poem that just came to mind that describes some of my happiness thoughts too, but I’ll have to find it and post it later on so stay tuned as the Happiness posts continue :).


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