“Dear Anne”

Lol so from when I did my fun little posts about “How to make out with a girl” etc., I had people asking me questions at one time about advice with their kissing or what not and there was another recent question on my blog that reminded me of some of that in the past and how I joked around with some of my friends and family at one point about starting an advice column on my blog.

I think it’s kind of funny, but I’m curious, just for kicks, what do you all think…would I be a good advice columnist…if I could be serious, that is ha ha.

Anyway, I’m just thinking and being weird late at night here, but if you want to share your thoughts feel free, but if you’re not nice, than I won’t post your comment :p.

Anyone have any questions or anything they’d like me to write about in particular anyway…I always have lots of things to write about or that I could write about, but if anyone reading has something they’d like to ask or suggest to me to write about then go ahead, but keep it clean, alrighty :).