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Well, it’s nothing huge, but my boyfriend and I have pretty much decided that we’re going to leave the University we’ve been attending and transfer back to the other college we were at before, which is a state college that will be most likely changing to a University within the next year or so.

Actually, I already withdrew just before the spring break from the University for a variety of reasons.  That decision was coming for a while now…I wasn’t liking the University much at all here and then I had that experience with that stupid teacher and all.  Then there’s the fact that this University wants us to take more stupid general ed type classes when we already did general ed and had our Associates degrees when we transferred here, but for whatever reason the stupid University was trying to make it so we’d end up adding a year to our school time to get our Bachelors degrees and neither of us like that fact very much plus some other things.

We both like the location, the small town and the people and our church and all up here, but the University, the class size, the teachers, etc., neither of us really are impressed with and liked those things better at our previous college so we’ve pretty much decided to transfer back there this coming fall.  I’ve already been readmitted to the previous college and he’s going to be readmitted and then we’re going to start looking at and signing up for fall classes as soon as we can.  With going back down to our home area and this previous college, we’ll be able to get done sooner with our degrees if we want and have better experience with the classes and teachers and all at that college compared to this University.  Also there is more jobs available down there, I think, then there is up here in this small town with this University so that’s what we’re planning to do for the fall now.

I’ll be looking to try and find a place for us to live that I’ll live in by myself for fall semester so then he can just move in with me after we’re married in December.  I’m also going to be looking for a job/summer job up here now that I’m no longer in school at present, but still trying to stick it out in this apartment until my lease is up in August.  I was planning to look for and get a job/summer job anyway, but I’m just going for it sooner now and not going to be wanting a job for longer than August since I’ll be moving back down home to find a place and go back to the other college for fall semester.

There is always the chance that something might change, but this is what our plans are looking like now and if I don’t find a good job/summer job up here that ends in August then I may have to see about breaking my lease and moving back down to home area sooner to find a job down there instead for the summer.  I’ll have to see how it goes in the next little while here.

I have to pay back some financial aid this week and take care of a few things with selling books back etc. now that the process is finished of my being withdrawn from the University.  Then I have to start looking for a job more, start figuring things out for fall here and there and I’m still in the process of trying to sell my wedding dress on e-bay and figure out ideas and things for the wedding in December.  I know I still have time to take care of some of these things, but these are just things that are coming up, being talked about and we’re starting to discuss and plan more lately.

We have also pretty much decided that we’re planning to get married in the LDS Manti Temple, which you may or may not remember my posting as one of the three choices we were talking about at one point.  We’re also sticking to sometime in December for the Wedding and still figuring out other things and still have plenty of time to plan all that.

He’s still going off to do his summer job in California selling alarm systems to people for about 3 1/2 months and he’ll be leaving the first of May so we’ll be apart working for this summer.  I’m planning to go visit him in California for, hopefully, a week, probably in July sometime to go see him, see Harry Potter 5 with him, see some of Cali and have a break =).  So, things are starting to change and get planned and talked about as time goes on here so things are moving along =).

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  1. Tell me about it…decisions, decisions and change all over lol. Exactly,couldn’t have said it better myself, change is hard sometimes, but you do have to do it once in a while.

    Oh and where Cory will be and I’ll be visiting in California this summer is a place called Concord, which is in between or near Sacramento and San Francisco, I believe.

    Where in Cali are you going to be moving to?

  2. Where in California, hon?? Id sure love to see ya! Im excited… my other friend is getting married in May… TWO weddings in the same year!!!! WHOOP!

    Congrats on decisions… arent they hard to make?

    I have just been trying to calm myself down chanting that change is hard… but sometimes you have to make them!

    ((HUG)) miss ya!

  3. Wonderful new, congratulations on your decision to get married. I am so proud of you deciding to leave the uni and go to another one, it’s great that you are making these powerful choices.

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