I’m Alive…Barely…

Just to let you all know, I’m still around I thought I’d post a quick note here.  I was gone for most of this week on a little vacation since this week is/was my Spring break from school.  I went with family to Southern Utah to play around for a few days and on Wednesday night, which also happened to be the night of my oldest bdaughter’s bday (March 14, she’s 4 now) I got sick in the middle of the night.

So, when I got up on Thursday, I thought I would be better, but it just got worse so we did a few things and then headed home and I was throwing up in a little bucket in the car quite a bit all the way home yesterday.  I got to the point last night where I was dry heaving and having a hard time keeping anything, liquid or food, down so after a while I took some medication we had around that I had used to help me keep food down when I’d gotten really sick when I was pregnant back in the day and it helped so I finally started to get some crackers and 7-up down last night and I was able to sleep finally.

Anyway, I’m still really weak and having bouts with dizziness and nausea today, but I’m slowly getting better and stronger again.  I need to go try to eat more than the little I’ve had today though and I’m surprised I’m even able to sit here and type this right now because I’ve been so tired and feeling so wiped out from this flu thing.  So, that’s what’s been up with me…once I get more on the better side…I’ll post more about my oldest bdaughter’s birthday and the fun things we did do on the little trip before I got sick and died :p.  Hope everyone else is doing well.


6 comments on “I’m Alive…Barely…

  1. Yep, Kim, I’m feeling much better now and going to be taking a shower – yay lol – and then heading back to my apartment up at school with my boyfriend later on today =).

  2. Cory came over and that helped me feel even better =). I’m still getting better and not throwing up anymore – ack is right lol :p.

    Thanks, Michelle. I hope all’s well with you and yours =).

  3. Get well! NOW!!! I’m glad you’re starting to feel better already. Keep feeling better :).

    And no more throwing up! Ack!


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