A Family Can Be Torn Overnight

It’s a scary thought to realize how fast a family, any family, your family can be torn apart, isn’t it.

In what seems a blink of an eye, a family can be pulled in all different directions and threaten to completely fall apart.  What once was a safe, strong foundation with a family can turn into feeling like a family’s only holding on by a thread.

I heard some news through one of my dear friends about someone else’s family recently that was devastating.  It was heart breaking and hard for me to hear as a friend of someone close to this family so I can only imagine how heart breaking it is for my dear friend and for this family who are so much closer and affected by these news than I am.

It just saddens me and makes me wish so much that I could do more than I actually humanly can to help out.  I wish so much I could take the pain and heartache away from those who are affected by situations like these where families are threatened to be torn apart seemingly overnight.

My heart aches and hurts for them.  I can’t explain how much and how deeply I feel it when others tell me these things even when I’m not that close to the actual heart breaking situation.

If only being there and letting others cry on your shoulder was enough and perhaps sometimes it is although it doesn’t always seem like enough when I’d like so much to be able to ease their pain and take it away, but I can’t so I pray for them and do what I can.

Oh, the tears that are watering pillows tonight and nursing broken, wounded hearts and souls and I can only imagine the heart wrenching cries that are being made throughout all the grief.

All of these heart wrenching cries over one heartbreaking situation, how much more is it and how much more saddening to think of all the heart wrenching cries all over the world from so many.

There are many in their darkest hour and I feel so selfish to have ever thought I had that much hard times.  I have had hard times, yes, but not like so many others and my pain and heartache that I cope with, I feel, pales in comparison to these others in their darkest hour with their pain now.

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  1. I don’t know that it’s either one although I suppose you could define it as a type of death because the mom has an addiction to painkillers that she’s had a hard time with and tried to get over, but decided to give up now and is filing for divorce and the family’s having a really hard time with it.

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