Happy Birthday to My Birth Nephew!!!

Okay, first off for the posts that are pouring out of me now, it seems…

I want to say Happy Birthday to my nephew out there somewhere that my sister placed for adoption.  He’s 22 years old today and I hope he’s had a good life with a great family and always felt loved.

I hope that maybe someday if possible we can know about my birth nephew and my sister can see and talk with him.

Until then I pray for him and hope all’s well with him always just as I pray and hope all’s well with my girls always.

Happy Birthday to you, Christopher Scott, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing today…I hope you feel loved.


2 comments on “Happy Birthday to My Birth Nephew!!!

  1. Oh that’s so sad. My nephew was almost adopted out, he is a little bit younger than yours. Happy Birthday to your nephew.

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