Check me out =)!!!

Check me out – woo hoo

Originally uploaded by SimplyAnne.
Last, but not least, here’s a picture of me that is recent that I like =).

All these fun pictures were brought to you by me and inspired by Kim Kim and her posting about us women who have placed and how we’re glamorous =).

Make sure to check out all the other gorgeous pictures of all of us =).

Kim, Nicole, and Kateri have some amazing and gorgeous pictures up on their blogs too.

12 comments on “Check me out =)!!!

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  3. Anne–awesome picture. You look beautiful and wise and just amazing.

    I LOVE this idea of Kim’s. Kim, you rock. (Yeah yeah I know, you’ve been told that a thousand times.)

    We’re all beautiful. Sniff.

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  5. Thank you and thanks for the idea…that was a great idea to post a picture of myself to show how beautiful I am even though I’m a mother who has placed.

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