“Mommy Dearest” Does NOT Get to Plan MY Wedding!!!

Okay so I’ve had a few posts building up and sitting in my mind for the past while here, but haven’t taken the time to write any of them down for whatever reason, be that I was too angry to write the post and needed to calm down or too whatever.

Anyway, I’m going to try to write a couple of the posts and thoughts I’ve had lately now and see how they come out as I try to post them here.

Alright so first off with my thoughts is that of my frustration and decision that I’m not going to let my mother plan my wedding or tell me what I can or can’t do this time…she did it the last time I got married and she’s done it or tried to do it with other things in my life and I’ve stopped her from doing it with other things so now I’ve got to stop or limit her involvement in planning my wedding to little to nothing because she’s already driving me crazy with trying to tell me what she thinks I can or can’t do for my wedding, which is still quite a ways off, might I add – so annoying.

It’s just okay so I went home this past weekend because I drove my boyfriend down there to meet up with his company etc. because they were doing some summer job training this weekend.  So, I was home with my parents by myself all weekend instead of having Cory around most of the time like usual when we/I am home on weekends so my mom started in on me and made it very clear to me that I’m going to have to keep a tight limit on her involvement and make sure to not let her take over or plan MY wedding.  

First off, she started getting on me because she thinks that we should get married sooner (nothing new there) and then she went off about telling me I should hurry up and make the engagement official already so I can start taking care of other things – um, whatever.  I told her I am the one getting married not her, but I don’t know sometimes it seems like I say stuff and it just goes in one ear and out the other with her.  Then she was trying to tell me what kind of veil I should get, how I should do my hair with what kind of veil I should get, where I should/could have the reception and where I could or couldn’t have my reception and I was thinking to myself, hmmm, I don’t know, but it seems to me that I can get married where I WANT (she’s tried to tell me we can’t get married where we’re planning/thinking of getting married now, but we’re getting married there if we want to so she can stick it) and I can have a reception where I WANT to and I can wear the dress I WANT to and get the veil I WANT to and do my hair the way I WANT to – I mean, after all, I am the one getting married here NOT her.

Then I was talking with my Dad one time when she wasn’t around and my Dad told me how apparently the other day when I wasn’t even around since I don’t live there anymore my mother started telling my Dad how the invitations were going to be and should be done.  She also was telling my Dad that she didn’t think we should invite the same people from our neighborhood or my friends from the ward again because they came to my other wedding so they shouldn’t have to come again to this wedding.  She also said she was going to put on the invitations for people to not bring a gift because they shouldn’t bring a gift if they already brought me one when they came to my wedding the first time and I don’t need gifts – EXCUSE ME, but who the HECK does she think she is anyway trying to start saying how the invitations and gift etiquette etc. is going to be already – I mean really, I can’t believe her nerve saying that to my Dad behind my back when I’m not even around so I told my Dad well I’m doing the invitations by myself and I’m inviting whoever I dang well please and I’m not going to say don’t bring a gift on the invitations because it’s their choice to bring a gift or not if they freakin please!  I mean, really, that made me think to myself so since I’ve had and placed two girls when I have another baby that I’m going to parent after I’m married, is she going to be like trying to run the show then too and trying to say how it’s going to be and would she say something like well, all the people who came to see your other two baby girls don’t need to come see this one because they already saw the other two and they don’t need to give you a gift or the baby a gift or a shower because they already gave a gift to you or to go with your baby girls before so we’ll tell them not to give you a gift again – I mean geez!

I just know so many people who want to be invited and informed of my wedding this time around and would like to come and decide for themselves whether they bring a gift or not and they came to my other wedding too, but because of how good of friends they’ve become with me and were with me through a lot of what I went through they want to come to this wedding and know about it and decide for themselves about gifts and everything.  I’m not going to let my mother try to say who’s suppose to be allowed to be invited or not to my wedding and whether or not they can bring a gift because she would ruin so much and offend, hurt and upset so many people including and most importantly myself as well as possibly my boyfriend and others so sorry little miss power trip control freak, but your fun ended a long time ago!  No more power trip control freak fun for you!!!

I mean, seriously, can you believe my mother with this crap about the wedding and the reception etc. already??  I think she needs to find something else to do with her time and stay out of my life already!  I’m freakin 29 and I’ll be 30 by the time I get married and I don’t need her interfering and trying to plan MY wedding because I can do it myself and with the help of other people who don’t have the power trip control freak issues she apparently seems to have.

AUGH!!!  Okay, I think I’m done venting with that crap for now *rolls eyes*.


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  2. Yeah no kidding…Cory’s really getting tired of it too, well I should say he’s tired of hearing about it and who can blame him. I think he’d like to talk to her too and he told me the other day that if I want to say some things to her and say he said them he doesn’t care if she hates him for this crap about the wedding because he’s wanting to help out pay money and what not for MY wedding not hers lol.

  3. Geeze. I really want to talk to her.

    Dont worry, you have plenty of friends who can help you take care of anything you need help with. *wink*

    The gall… I say dont tell her anything until she get’s the invitation in the mail.

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