Valentine’s Day Report

Finally, we’re getting to the positives now…Valentine’s Day was one of the best days and the best Valentines I’ve ever had.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have Cory in my life because he’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Okay so this is how Valentine’s Day went down…At 7:30 a.m. MST, my boyfriend comes over to my apartment planning to come in and grab me to take me to breakfast in my pajamas, but I forgot about him hinting to me before to leave my deadbolt off on Valentine’s Day so my deadbolt was on and I had to let him in.  Well and I was awake in my pajamas when he came over, but he still surprised me and caught me off guard and I was like what are you doing here and he was like we’re going to breakfast so come on I’ll give you a little time to get changed and then we’ve got to go so I was like no way like this isn’t really happening is it…and he was like pushing me to my bedroom to hurry and change so we could go eat breakfast before his first class at 9:30 a.m. MST. so he gave me 15 minutes to change and then we left and he took me out to breakfast.  I was in total shock and half asleep and not exactly feeling all that coherent until we were finishing up breakfast and then he brought back to my apartment and told me he’d talk to me and see me later.  I was like okay.

Okay so here’s where things started to head toward getting messed up and not going exactly as planned because of what had happened with the stupid teacher on Tuesday.  Well, see, the class that was dropped because of the bad experience with this stupid teacher was on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. so Cory was planning to come to my apartment and set some things up etc. while I was going to be in class, he thought and originally I was planning to be gone during that time frame so that if he was planning anything it wouldn’t be messed up because of the teacher and the class being dropped at all because I had decided not to tell Cory about it yet because I didn’t want to ruin Valentine’s Day by telling him about it.  Well things happened and I ended up being at my apartment still when Cory showed up to do the stuff he’d planned and he still left and did some of the stuff because I was in the bathroom at the time he showed up, but it still kind of messed up some of what he was planning to do obviously.

Well, he tried to talk to me through the bathroom door to see what was going on, but I was, of course, feeling really bad and like an idiot about the whole thing so I didn’t want to say anything so I was trying to come up with some excuse that he would believe, but it wasn’t working and so I stayed in the bathroom for a while because I thought if I stayed in there it wouldn’t mess up his plans as much.  Anyway later on he comes back over and asks me why I’m still in the bathroom and if I’ll come out and I was feeling really bad about having kind of messed up his plans so I was wanting to hide more so I was like I’m not doing anything and just sat there for a while and then he got a little upset and a little emotional and started asking me to please come out of the bathroom because he’d tried so hard to do this stuff for me for Valentine’s because he’s not usually a really romantic person so I came out of the bathroom to talk with him because I felt like an idiot.

Anyway, he told me how he’d wanted and hoped things would go as he’d planned with leaving this GIANT Valentine card here for me to find after I came home from class and then I’d be so happy about the card and all and I’d call him to come over and he’d show up on the doorstep with roses and it would be so cute and perfect and then he was going to cook me spaghetti for dinner and then I was here so we/he had to switch things around with the plan.  Well after he told me about everything and how he’d tried so hard and was feeling bad about things not having gone as planned because I had been at the apartment instead of gone to class…I broke down in tears and told him what had happened the day before (Tuesday) with this teacher and all the things that the teacher had said to me etc. as I related in the story in the previous post about that whole situation that had happened.

I also told him how I’d planned to tell him later like the next day or something because I hadn’t wanted it to ruin Valentine’s Day, but then my not telling him about it had ended up putting a damper on the Valentine’s Day plans anyway so I felt even worse.  After I told him, he felt bad for having got upset with me and got really ticked about the teacher having done and said those things to me and told me we or I needed to go talk to someone about it.  He told me he understood why I hadn’t told him this time, but he told me I needed to make sure and tell him these things right when they happened after this time or he’d be really mad at me for not telling him if it happened again.

Anyway after we hugged and talked and explained everything from both our sides, we decided to forget about the stupid teacher for the rest of the day and just go from where we were and kind of start over with the Valentine’s Day stuff.  So, I went and opened the GIANT Valentine card, which was the best card I’ve ever had with everything he’d written in it and all and then he gave me my roses – 4 red ones for love and 2 yellow ones for friendship and we hugged and kissed some more and then figured out something to put my roses in with water.  Then I told him I needed to do something and went and grabbed his Valentine and brought it out for him.  Oh and besides the GIANT card and roses that he gave me, he also got me this whole pecan pie because pecan pie is my favorite and he decided that chocolate was a traditional Valentine gift so he got me something different and gave me the pie instead.

Then he was going to get the stuff out to make spaghetti for dinner and I suggested that we just have a frozen pizza or something like that so we ended up just cooking a frozen pizza for dinner instead of the spaghetti.  Well then I had him open his Valentine, which he loved…I gave him a card, some chocolate and a game that he liked and he’s been playing with it all week long since Valentine’s Day when I gave it to him now lol.  I also found some fun little Valentine games for us to play with dice you roll and on each side of the dice, it said things like slow dance, hug, kiss, cuddle real close etc. and then this other little game I found was a little spin the bottle thing on a little paper type wheel that would point to things that said kiss for 30 seconds, french kiss, hug, sing a love song, say something to make your partner blush etc. and we had some fun playing those little games too.

After we had dinner, we danced to our song and stuff and then talked some more and then we were talking about what else to do and I asked him if he wanted to watch a romantic movie or something like that and he was all yeah I definitely want to watch a movie and you pick one and we can have these other treats/snacks while we watch the movie and cuddle.  I was like well, alright then and I kind of thought it was weird that he was so into wanting to watch a romantic movie with me at first, but then I thought well okay it is Valentine’s Day so whatever so we were going to read some of Harry Potter too, which we’ve been reading together, but then it got late so we decided to just watch the movie instead.  I decided to watch Sabrina with Harrison Ford in it, which I love that movie and think it’s one of the greatest movies…if you’ve seen it then you know what I mean :).

Anyway, we started the movie and got comfortable and then just before midnight when Valentine’s Day ended officially, Cory paused the movie and said okay I have one last thing to give you for Valentines and I was like okay.  Then he started telling me how he thought my walls were kind of bare and I was like what’s wrong with my walls and he was like I think your walls need something else so he reached under the couch where we were sitting and pulled out this large framed picture he’d gotten, which was a picture of Christ with a child on His lap and I was just a little shocked to say the least lol.

I mean it was a picture that I liked and I’d always wanted, but I’d never gotten it because whenever I’d looked at those pictures that were all nice and framed like the one he’d given me they’d been too expensive.  So, I had a pretty good idea that he’d spent a lot on me and it was just the coolest pictures so anyway all in all everything turned out in the wash and Valentines Day turned out to be a pretty good day despite the other stuff in the end.

I even think that the misunderstandings and the stupid thing happening with the teacher and so forth actually helped us to become even closer to each other and I know for me it made me realize even more how much he loves me and that he’ll always be there for me.  Anyway, overall, it was one of the best days so that helped balance out the other negative not so great crap that happened this week :).


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  1. Wow! That’s awesome he took the time to do all that for you. Bf got laid off from work so he couldn’t do too much spoiling, but he did do something sweet! He made me a card on MSPaint and printed it all out in color. 🙂 It was cute.

  2. Your man is such a sweetie. You deserve someone like that, I am so happy you had a fantastic day together. What a sweet man.

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