Discrimination, Slander & So Forth

Alright so I have two posts to write here…so I’ll start with the negative one first and then end with the positive. Okay so first of all, on Tuesday, the day before Valentines…I got a phone call on my cell and they left a message.

So, I check the message and it’s from one of my teachers who says I’ve missed two classes and wants to talk to me about some assignments to tell me what I have or haven’t turned in and what I need to turn in since he’s missing some assignments from my missing those two classes, right. Well, the reason I missed those classes was mainly due to the fact that I transferred into his class after the semester already started because the other class I had planned to take in Social Work didn’t work out for me so I had to find something else last minute and ended up in this Scottish Folklore class.

Anyway, when I get a chance, I call the teacher back on Tuesday and ask him what he’s missing and what do I need to do or rather what does he want me to do, right. He starts telling me what I need to do and turn in so I start writing it down so I can check if I have them or if I’ve already turned them in and they’re perhaps lost or if I need to do them and turn them in, right. Well, he asks me how come I didn’t turn in an assignment from a class when I did go to the class that day, but didn’t turn in the assignment and I sat there trying to remember what had happened that day, if there was a reason I hadn’t turned the assignment in or something and all I could figure is that I had forgotten to bring and turn the assignment in that day so I tell him I must have forgot to turn it in that day.

I usually don’t forget to turn things in or miss things, but sometimes it happens. I mean most people usually forget things, miss classes and assignments sometimes, right. So that’s why I can’t figure out what I said or did to deserve what happened and was told to me next by this teacher.

Okay, back to the conversation, I told him I must have forgot and he totally has a cow…what you forgot?? How could you forget…you can’t forget to turn things in…etc. and I told him I realize I made a mistake in not turning it in and missing these other things because I transferred in late etc., but I’m willing to do the work and turn it in now/tomorrow if you’ll just tell me what I need to do and what not. So, he says okay fine and starts to go back to telling me what he needs me to do and then he stops and asks me if I’m okay and I’m like yes, I’m fine and he says well you sound funny and I’m like I’m fine and he says do you live alone, with roommates or what and I’m like I’m alone…he’s like okay and did you sleep good last night…I was like yes and he’s like well are you sure you’re okay…I’m like yes. He’s like well I’m just trying to understand how you could have forgotten to turn something in and missed this class or etc. and I’m like I already told you about my transferring in late etc. and he says well I’m just wondering if you know what day it is, where you are, are you coherent, are you drunk, are you high and I was like No, I’m not drunk or high, yes I know what day it is and what’s going on.

Then he says are you sure you’ve never had a problem with alcohol, you’re not a recovering alcoholic or anything and I said No I’ve never drank in my entire life and he’s like okay good and then he’s like well I’m just trying to figure out what your problem is with not having turned in some of these things and how you could have forgot to turn something in etc. and I’m like I already told you this as mentioned above. He was hung up on that and kept saying things like this to me on the phone and then it got even better when he said are you sure you don’t have any problem you need help with and I said yes I don’t have a problem and he said are you mentally retarded? I said No and he said, well I’m just wondering…are you sure you don’t have a mental disability or a disorder or something…I say that because I have bipolar disorder that makes things harder for me sometimes and I’m wondering if that’s what your problem is. I was like no, I do not have any disorder, mental problem, disability, handicap or anything wrong mentally and he was like and you’re sure you’re not drunk or anything like that either and I said No I’m not.

He’s like I just don’t understand how you could have forgot and missed these assignments etc. and I was just quiet because obviously he wasn’t listening to me and then he started to tell me what to do again and said so you’ll need to bring me these things by tomorrow before class or I’ll have to drop you and he’s like you know about tomorrow’s class right and I was like yes I do and he’s like that we had to watch this movie for class, yes I watched it and He said so you’ve done the assignment/review on the movie then and I said no not yet I’m going to do it later today and he said unbelievable, are you sure you know what day it is and you’re not drunk or have any mental problem or anything and I said no I don’t have any mental problem and he’s like how did you get into this class?

I’m like quiet for a minute because I thought he was kidding or asking a rhetorical question and he waited so I said how did I get into the class and he said yes and I said the same way you get into all classes where you go online look up the class and add it. He’s like unbelievable…you just got into the class like that…I said yes…and he’s like I can’t believe you got into this class like that and then he’s like just forget it’s obvious to me that you can’t handle this class and you won’t be able to keep up so I’m going to have to drop you and I was like fine and I hung up.

I was so pissed after I got off the phone with that teacher and I sure as hell wasn’t going to try to stay in his piece of crap class after he treated me like that on the phone and basically was telling me I was stupid or something must be wrong with me just because I missed a couple classes, 2 to be exact, and because I’d missed the classes I’d missed some assignments and because I had forgotten to turn something in – how does making simple everyday ordinary mistakes like missing a couple classes and forgetting to turn something in equate with deserving to be told there must be something wrong with me anyway.

Anyway, I decided not to mention this to anyone for a while and was going to tell Cory (my boyfriend) after Valentines Day, well, my not telling him…ended up kind of messing up some of his plans to surprise me for Valentines Day, but everything turned out okay in the end, but it would have been better had I told him on Tuesday instead of waiting, but I wanted to wait to tell him so that it wouldn’t ruin Valentines Day, which it ended up putting a damper on Valentines anyway.

Well, anyway I ended up telling Cory on Valentines Day what had happened with this teacher, phone call and the class being dropped and he got upset and told me that I need to go report it to someone here at school. He told me it’s not right and that it would be defined as slander, defamation of character, and I added that I wondered if it couldn’t be considered some form of discrimination and that it is a form of emotional abuse – that teacher saying that crap to me on the phone.

Anyway, I’m suppose to go talk to an advisor later today and I’m planning to mention this incident about the teacher to the advisor and ask about how I go about reporting it or what needs to happen so they’re aware of it because in my opinion, that is unacceptable behavior for a teacher to be like that and say that to a student simply because they missed a couple of classes and forgot to turn something in and so forth.

So, what do you think now that I’ve related the story here?

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  1. Yeah, it was a totally fun experience HA HA NOT!!! I’ve been to talk to the Department head dude about it now too, but I don’t know that I’m happy with what he said he was going to do about it so I’m considering going to the next higher level with my complaint/report about this teacher and crap.

  2. Unbelievable!!! (In his words.)

    He seriously asked you if you were mentally retarded????

    I cant believe you kept your cool. I would have asked… you do know that I am paying for this class… but I am not paying for this type of a phone call. I got the list of things that I need to do to catch up. I will comply with the list and if I miss points that is at my own discretion (sense I AM PAYING for the class). If you have any further concerns about my mental capacity, please put them in writing because I am not going to sit here and be subjected to abuse that you can just deny later.

    Thank you for the phone call professor.


  3. Oh no, he didn’t phone me back to be more abusive, he just called and left a message on my phone and then I called him back to talk to him the once and that one conversation was when he said all that crap to me.

    I went and talked with an advisor about it and some other school matters just the other day and ended up dropping the class. My dropping the class won’t affect my G.P.A. or anything and I talked to my advisor about that too and she was appalled at hearing what the teacher had said to me on the phone. She did apologize to me on behalf of the University and told me to go talk with the department head of where this teacher works and report it to them.

    So, I’m going to be talking to the department head about this teacher and what happened and most likely lodging a complaint against him. Depending on how things go with talking to the department head and all, I may end up going straight to talk with the Dean of the school about it all too so we’ll see what happens.

    Thanks for the support and the compliments though =). I really appreciate it and I hope all is well with you and yours =).

  4. Sounds like your teacher has some problems. How does he relate mentally retarded to being bi-polar. Are you saying he phoned you back to be more abusive?

    I suggest you keep a very close eye on this class and don’t miss anything and then get away from him as soon as you can.

    What a horrible person. I’m sorry. You don’t need this, I know you are doing your best and are a good person. I would have been upset by this too.

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