How Do You Tell Someone…

How you love them so much when there are no words to express what you feel…

How can I transfer my feelings to him so he can feel what I feel for him and how deep my love runs for him in my soul?

I sit and wonder how to let him know how much I love him every single day and I never know if the things I do are adequate enough to let him at least glimpse how much I love and cherish him in my life.

I never thought I’d find someone like him and he’s more than I every thought I’d find and he’s amazing to me.  He may just be another guy to someone else and I’m sure he may have broken someone else’s heart, but my heart sings with him in my life and with him by my side.

With him by my side, I feel complete and I never thought I could feel this complete or this way about anyone, but I do feel this way about him.  He compliments me in every way, uplifts me, boosts me when I’m down, is patient and understanding with me always even when I’m so frustrating and hard to deal with at times.

He’s got this incredible, amazing smile that lights up the room and lights up my soul.  I can’t even begin to tell you what seeing him smile every single day does for me.  He’s got these beautiful blue eyes that you can get lost in and that show so much love when I look into them and I only hope my eyes reflect or show just as much love to him as well.

He always knows what to say or what to do to make my day better if it hasn’t been so great, he always knows how to boost me up when I’m feeling down.  He’s always there with his arms open to hold me and comfort me with when I’m sad.  He doesn’t ever put me down or make me feel less than I am and he always makes me feel so alive and so beautiful in his eyes.

He has a great sense of humor and he’s got a lot of smarts with things that I don’t know as well and he’s a very intelligent, witty and fun person.  I feel like he’s added so much to me and to my life ever since I met him and I can see that he adds so much to everyone and he has so much love and kindness for his fellow mankind.  He lights up everyone he’s around and that knows him and brings so much with him wherever he goes.

He has a great sense of determination and never gives up on anything or anyone and he has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known.  He is amazing with charity and his spirituality.  I love how he is in every way.  He compliments and fits me best of everyone I’ve ever known.

The truth of him being my true match resonates down to the very core of my soul and my being like nothing else.  I can’t explain it, but I feel it throughout all of me and in my heart and soul even more.

I have loved and lost many times in my life, but I have learned from every single person and I have learned a lot from him as well, but I can’t imagine ever losing him.  He’s my everything and I want so much to be with him forever and to have a family with him too.

I’ve been trying to think of how to express and tell him how much I love and cherish him as my best friend, my true love and everything for so long, but haven’t known how to tell him so I decided to try to write it even though I don’t feel that there are any words in our english language that adequately describe how much I love and cherish him and how much he does for me each day.

Well and just like the song by Richard Marx, I’ll always be right here waiting…I don’t want to wait, but I can’t not wait either after having waited so long to find him when he’s so much the right match for me too.

Also like the song by Aerosmith, I don’t want to miss a thing…go listen to the song and it expresses a part of how I feel for him too.  There are quite a few songs that express each a part of how much I love and cherish him and here they are:

Alan Jackson – Remember When *****

Alan Jackson – Like Red on a Rose *****

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing *****

Richard Marx – Just a Touch of Heaven

Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting *****

Christina Aguilera – What a Girl Wants

Counting Crows – Accidentally in Love

Garth Brooks – If Tomorrow Never Comes *****

Brad Paisley – We Danced *****

Depeche Mode – Somebody *****

Lonestar – Amazed *****

Rascal Flatts – God Bless the Broken Road *****

Nickelback – Save the Last Dance

Escape Club – I’ll Be There *****

Extreme – More Than Words *****

Faith Hill – I’m the Lucky One

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

Hello Goodbye – Here In Your Arms

Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment *****

Lifehouse – You and Me *****

Hoobastank – The Reason *****

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars *****

Okay so those are all the ones that come to mind right now and all the words in each of those songs also describe how I feel and how much I love and cherish him.  I would highly recommend listening to them especially the ones I put stars by because they’re the ones that mean that much more to me.

I could go on and on, but for now that’s what I’m going to put…I’ll write more another time…but that’s what I have for now for doing the best I can with words and music to express how much I love and cherish him.  I hope he knows how much I really do love and cherish him more than words can ever express.


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  1. I can’t even begin to describe how much I can relate to you. The way you described your feelings made me think it was still inadequate, as if there are still those unspoken feelings. It reminded me of how much I’d fallen for someone even after rejection. Even to this day, I still can’t find a reason to not like him anymore. It’s just too great of a feeling to suppress.

  2. What you said really really helps me! I feel completely and totally the exact same way. I have been dating my boyfriend for seven months now and i love him with all my heart. Today he questioned me on whether i really love him or not…so i was searching for a way to TRY and express in words how special he is to me and how much i am in love with him. Thanks for the song suggestion too, because “our song” is on there! It excited me, i even sent him the lyrics to remind him of my love for him. Thanks. hailey.

  3. hey your website is really cute:) and i was looking for songs to put as my ringback and stumbled up on this its not what i was looking for, i ‘m wanting songs from girls to guys. but this is still really cute. payton.

  4. I loved that i can really relate to it aswell. U should try and get more people to hear it or read it. Its one of those few pieced of writing that has ever tutched me. U ROCK

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