More Dreams to Haunt Me

I had a dream last night that was a good dream although it had its moments like when I woke up and realized it was just a dream and not real life :p ha ha.

I dreamed that I went to my first girl’s parents house for the weekend to get to know them better and hang out together.  She’s almost 4 years old now and I suppose that might have been part of why she and her parents were on my mind while I was sleeping because her birthday’s coming up and I’ve got to write them a letter in the next little bit here too.  It was such a great dream.

I was over at their house, hanging out with them and having fun.  We had, obviously, opened up our relationship to include visits and such in my dream.  I was planning to just be there for one day in the dream and then they were telling me I should stay the rest of the weekend and then they had me invite my family – parents, brothers and sisters over one of the days to spend time too.  I was talking with my almost 4 year old’s mom in the dream about why open adoption was a good thing and why I wanted to see them, get to know them more and everything and she was talking to me about her thoughts on open adoption and visits too.  It was  a great conversation in my dream…too bad I can’t have it in real life…at least not yet anyway.

Then the best part in my dream was when I was walking by a room and I somehow knew it was my almost 4 yr old’s room and her mom had gone to the store and I was by myself there and my almost 4 yr old was taking a nap.  Then as I was walking around the house and I walked by the room that I knew was where my almost 4 yr old was, my almost 4 yr old came out of the room and shrieked with excitement at seeing me, ran over to me saying my name and hugged me – I, of course, lost it in my dream and when I woke up my cheeks were wet too.  I know it’s just a dream, but maybe someday it will be real and not a dream…I hope…just have to keep working on it and being patient.

I suppose part of this dream too was that since it’s approaching her birthday time, I’m starting to have some of the birthday emotions here and there and missing her more than usual.  I’m also wanting to get married and have more kids to raise myself and so there’s a lot of things filtering into that dream, I suppose.

It’s just that dream seemed so real and I almost thought I was suppose to call my almost 4 yr old’s mom when I woke up since I have their phone number etc. now, but I didn’t because I realized it was just a dream.

*sighs*  It was just another dream that seems so real and was so great until I woke up and remembered the reality of things currently in my life and with our relationship.


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