Engaged to Be Engaged

So, apparently now we (as in my boyfriend and I) are being referred to by some people as if we’re already engaged, but we’re not…we’re like engaged to be engaged lol…another term I’ve heard lately in reference to us now.

Anyway, it’s looking like 8 months or rather not until September at the earliest as when we’ll be engaged for real – ack, I know lol :p.  Then taking that timeline for now and figuring things out, it’s looking like it will probably be more like a Christmas/December wedding unless something changes.

Man, I think I’m going to die all this year waiting to see how things go and what happens…oh my heck…talk about having my patience and everything else tested all at once here :p.  Okay so also thinking about kids…I don’t know why that came up, but we were kind of talking about possible names so here’s the list of girl names he gave me.

Tell me what names do you think are good or bad out of these few girl names :p.

Okay well, the girl names he said he likes are Rachel, Rebecca and Amanda, which none of those are the girl names on my list, but okay they’re added on now.  So, my first thought was that I didn’t like Amanda so much, but it might not be so bad, but I think I like Rachel the best out of those three girl names.  I think the order that I like those three names would be, well, pretty much the order I put them in – Rachel, Rebecca, Amanda – although I’m kind of in between on whether I like Rebecca or Amanda better out of those two, but yeah.  He doesn’t have any boy names that he’s told me yet though.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’m thinking of looking up the meanings of those three girl names too because I’m big on the meanings of names too.  Oh and when I was looking and thinking about those three names, I was wondering about changing Rachel a little bit to Rachelle or something like that too.  Of course, all the decisions about names etc. is still a ways into the future, but it was just there in the front of my mind since we mentioned it when we were talking earlier =).


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