More on the Wedding Dress & Waiting

LOL okay, so the wedding dress is not really a saga although my mother could make it into one if she doesn’t SHUT UP about it already, but yeah she was harping on me about trying it on again the other day and blah, blah, blah etc.

Anyway, I haven’t told her yet – don’t know that I plan on ever telling her, but I did try the dang wedding dress on again and I already knew what would happen, but now I have the proof from my trying it on. So, yep, you guessed it…no brainer here…but it doesn’t fit…I know, who would have thought – like duh.

I put it on and got it zipped up part of the way and then it kind of got stuck lol. The problem is not so much with my waist or what not as it is my rib cage area seems to have expanded some plus my chest is bigger from the first time I wore it – go figure – never would have thought I’d be bigger there after having had two kids or anything now would ya – duh. So, even if I did want to do sit ups etc. and tone, I don’t think I’d ever fit in that wedding dress again unless I wanted to get my chest reduced in size or something :p.

Anyway, the other thing I noticed when trying it on besides the obvious fact of it not fitting and that I highly doubt you’d be able to do alterations on it and have it look that good (another annoying suggestion by my mother) was that while I was looking at myself in that dress again – I didn’t exactly have warm, fuzzy feelings about it or the memories with it. But then, even with doing my best to set aside the bad feelings I have tied to that dress etc., I was just looking at it like when you look at clothes you try on and think if it’s cute or not etc. and looking at myself in it today I didn’t like it so much. I just found myself looking at myself in the wedding dress and thinking well, I like the skirt on it from the waist down, but the top part, I don’t like the style etc. so much anymore so yep, I’ve got to get a new, cuter wedding dress this time around lol.

Oh and the other thought that occurred to me and that my parents brought up while they were bugging me about it again was for me to sell my wedding dress so I’m thinking of looking into selling my dress on e-bay or something. I’m thinking I can sell this wedding dress and then use the money from it plus some to get myself a new, cuter one so finally I think the stupid wedding dress ‘saga’ can be silenced next time my mother tries to bug me about it :p.

Also, good news on the ‘waiting’ front, the boyfriend had to go to his first training meeting for his summer out of state job and make some goals and he told me that one of the goals he put down was a picture of a ring because he told me he will marry me if he does really well this summer, which I’m hoping he does obviously for a few different reasons with that being one of the reasons. So, he has told me and clarified in talking to me the past few days that he is planning/committed to wanting to marry me and working toward that goal right now.

We also had a little talk last night about how many kids to have and when we/I’d want to start and be done with having kids and so forth so we kind of talked about my clock ticking in a way with this talk about having a family and things just last night. Anyway, slowly but surely, we’re talking more about things as time goes on and I’m finding more out about where things stand exactly with marriage and family in the future and such so I just have to keep waiting and doing my best to be patient because things are being planned…I just have to wait for him to do things when he feels ready and comfortable etc. and when things are taken care of more like more schooling, jobs, money and financial stability.

Anyway, that’s what’s new with those things, me and my life for now =). I hope all’s well with everyone else.

3 comments on “More on the Wedding Dress & Waiting

  1. I know…I don’t believe I tried it on either :p and Cory doesn’t know why I even tried it on either too :p.

    I’m just going to sell the dress and get rid of it so she can’t ask about it anymore cause it will be gone ha, ha.

  2. I cant believe you even TRIED IT ON!

    Dang girl… dont listen to her. DONT!

    The dress will not be a saga. If your mom asks again — tell her you burned the dress. Heck… really burn it if you are feeling it! HAHAHA!

  3. I can’t imagine re-wearing a wedding dress from a previous marriage. I’m not sure how your mom could even suggest it. When money was tight and weddings were on my mind, I planned to hit the after-prom sales. These days, a lot of those dresses look like wedding dresses.

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