My Mom’s Still Annoying!

So, this happened at the end of my break right before we left to come back up here to school, but I didn’t get around to writing it until now.

Anyway, so the boyfriend and I were finishing up loading the car and everything at my parent’s house before we left on this past Saturday and while I’m saying bye to my parents before we leave, the bf goes to use the ‘restroom’ before we leave and while he’s gone (notice my mom does her bratty thing while he’s gone), my mom says to me so have you thought about how we (meaning only my mom because my dad would buy or help me buy a new one if I really wanted him to he hee) aren’t going to buy you another wedding dress?  I was like why would I be thinking about that when I don’t even have a proposal yet nor do I know when/if I might have one at this point in time, ya know :p.

So, my mom says to me well, I was just wondering if you’d remembered that you’re not going to get a new wedding dress from ‘us’ and I was like whatever cause seriously like I’m going to wear the same wedding dress from my first marriage to my icky ex-husband.  I mean wouldn’t that be kind of tacky to wear the same wedding dress, not to mention I hardly want to wear it again.

Then my mom continues on being bratty and says to me well I was thinking you should try the wedding dress on again sometime in the next little while to see if it would still fit so that if you need to you can lose weight.  Then she says I mean you might be kind of bigger now than when you wore the wedding dress so you might need to tone up or something if you’re going to wear it again since ‘we’re’ not going to buy you another one.  Ooo, I got so mad because I was like excuse me, are you telling me I’m fat and she was like no, just saying you might want to check it out and try it on.  I was like well let’s think about this logically and realistically here mother (dripping with sarcasm and not niceness there), I was like 22 when I wore that wedding dress and now I’m turning 30 (ack, gasp, choke :p) this year first of all and second of all, I’ve been pregnant and had two children since then.

Hmm thinking about it logically and realistically, besides just how your body changes from 22 to 29/30, I really don’t think there’s much chance I’m still going to fit it in that wedding dress – geez.  I don’t even know if I ‘toned’ up or whatever like my not nice mother was saying, if I’d be able to fit besides the fact I don’t want to wear it again – ooo, she made me so mad.  Not to mention that hurt my feelings the way she said, considering the fact that I think I look pretty dang good and have done pretty well for myself after having had two kids ya know.  I mean if she wants to be all nasty, I could have said, but I didn’t, well excuse me, but I don’t think you looked or did quite as good as I’ve done after you had two kids so like you have room to talk – I thought that, but I didn’t say it to my mother because unlike her I try to be nice and have tact, which she has a real problem with being tactful with people when saying things like that.

But, yeah, she totally ticked me off and I was like ya know what I can buy my own dang dress if I need or want to get another one because I highly doubt I’m going to wear that same wedding dress again – I mean HELLO geez.  Anyway so then my boyfriend comes out and says so you ready to go and I’m like sooo ready to leave by then alright and so we leave.

Well then in the car as he and I are driving back up here, I told him what my mother said and what I said and what happened and he says well, she wasn’t very nice saying that now was she and I was like no.  Then he reassured me that I’m not fat and if I wanted to I could tone up or whatever, but that I’m not fat and what not like my mom was implying/saying.

Then as we were discussing that conversation, it lead to a little talk about the wedding stuff and possible marriage in our future and he told me that he’s planning to work and save money so we can have a good financial start.  So, one part of what he said he was planning on saving for is the wedding, which he briefly had mentioned before, but I didn’t think much about it when he briefly said it in the past.

So, I think he’s a keeper for lots of reasons, but this was cool to me too that he said he was planning on setting aside a good amount (trust me) for the wedding and that he would give me some money to get a new wedding dress if I wanted and my parents wouldn’t help me.  Which both he and I agreed on the fact that if I really worked on my Dad I might be able to get him to help me with buying a new wedding dress too plus I told my boyfriend that if I really wanted I could save some money on my own since I plan to get a job for sure this summer for a wedding dress too.  Anyway, he told me he didn’t have any problem with giving me some money once he gets some from the summer job he’s training for or what not so I could get a new wedding dress if I wanted.

He also told me he doesn’t agree with traditions all the time so that’s why he’s planning on helping or paying for the wedding stuff all himself and/or with the help of his family because he doesn’t think the bride should pay for it all the time and he has no problem saving for it himself if he can get enough money from his summer job or other things.  Well and he knows that I already paid for a wedding the first time too, but he’s different and cool like that :).


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  1. Tell me about it. At age 48, my mom still treats me like a 15 years old teenager. I have two adult kids and have lived most of my life alone, since my husband left us about 15 years ago. I have travelled around half of the globe and more. Yet, everything I say, my mom has always something in respond as a higher card in a card game. She always believes everybody elses’ comments and suggestions over mine. Even though she is quite aware of my life long accomplishments and achievements. I have never been a failure, and still cannot understand the reason for her behaviour. She lives in Europe and I am in Canada. Sometimes she annoys the hell out of me when she gives me hints and suggestions about the system in Canada. Her resources are always things that she has heard from some talkshow on a satellite station. The worst part is that she is not only suggesting them. She insists like a broken record over and over again, to apply them and follows up with me too.I have been trying to be polite and respect her; but the more I respect, the more she keeps on doing it. I love her to death and thats my only problem in dealing with her.

  2. My mom is annoying like that too. Honestly she can’t go one day without trying to put me down. She thinks she is helping me but I honestly think she should try to fix herself before she tries to fix others. I am pretty successful and I view myself as happy and feel good about myself. I don’t understand what the hell is her problem. I feel for you.

  3. Actually, I thought of you, Michelle and your wedding dress on e-bay when I was thinking of and discussing wedding dresses. Oh and my first wedding dress, I think I did get it from a store where they had quite a few nice wedding dresses for not more than a $100 so I know there’s wedding dresses out there that aren’t as horribly expensive as they once were.

    Thanks for the ideas and everything you girls :).

  4. Oh forgot to add to that comment just above that I do practice ignoring and not really listening to my mom and a lot of what she says, but sometimes she still gets to me *grrr* lol.

  5. Yep, reunion, she does act/sound like a Narcissist sometimes. *giggles at the thought of going la la la and ignoring her* you’re right – it would so drive her nuts and make her so mad lol.

  6. LOL at Christine ganging up on my mom :p. You’re awesome lol. Oh and don’t worry I’m doing better at getting myself calmed down to keep waiting for him instead of freakin myself out and all lol :p.

  7. Anne, I bought my wedding dress on ebay. One of those dresses that would cost TONS if I went to a real store. It was about 200 including shipping and fit GREAT (except my boobs which are unnaturally large considering my weight and body type so my mom let out and inch for those suckers- but I could have gotten it custom made even through them, but didn’t want to pay for it if I knew mom could fix the boob issue).

    My sister (who doesn’t have the boob issue) bought a dress from off ebay, too, and it fit WONDERFUL. Seriously, consider alternate shopping sites for dresses.

    I used Mimi’s Bridal and she used Lightup Bridal.

    Anyway, parents can be evil, but dresses dont have to be the horrible cost they once were.

  8. Your mother sounds like a Narcissist. They usually wait until there are no witnesses before being mean. Try not to ever be alone with her or just put your hands over your ears and sing LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAaaaa really loudly and then smile at her really sweetly ha ha it will drive her nuts.

  9. One more thing… so he is definately planning for your future. Looks like you just need to calm down and wait for it… let him surprise you.

  10. Well… No.. OF COURSE you are NOT wearing the same wedding dress. YEESH! Your mom is a whorebag. Looks like my plans for March(was it?) are to go to your mom’s house and punch her in the face! OK well Ill just imagine myself doing that. You know.. if it comes down to it.. I have an awesome wedding dress that I never wore.. you can have it. LOL.

  11. The very best wedding I ever have attended was a surprise one. No one knew they were going to a wedding. Everyone thought they were going to a posh restaurant for Christmas as a gift. The couple had limo’s picked everyone up, they rented a minister, and surprised the whole family. it was wonderful. No pressure, no showers, no gifts, no, what will I wear. The Bride wasn’t even going to have a bouquet but as a surprise the groom purchased a rose bouquet, from white to deep burgundy. It was truly beautiful. I was a wedding photographer and have seem many weddings, and this was by far the most fun.

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