Wanna Hear My Latest Weird Dream?

Okay so I had this totally bizarre dream last night and it was kind of disturbing and really weird too.  Anyway, I dreamed that some weirdo or something implanted me with some bizarre type pregnancy thing so I was pregnant, but I hadn’t done anything to get pregnant and whatever was inside me wasn’t um a completely normal human baby.

Oh my freakers, it was sooo weird.  I was trying to figure out how to get this implanted thing out of me and running around and I didn’t know what to do.  Then I got captured by someone or something in my dream and tied up etc. and left to die.  So, I was thinking I was going to die with this weird implanted thing in me that I couldn’t get out of me and no one was around to save me.

Well, then my boyfriend shows up in my dream and saves me just in time.  So, then we’re all happy, hugging and kissing cause I didn’t die and we can be together, right?  Well then some weird dude walks by us in my dream and tries to hand my boyfriend some condoms and tries to get my boyfriend to “seal the deal” with me.  Then this weird dude tells us that to get rid of the implanted weird thing in me that I have to get pregnant with a normal human baby the normal way and I was like no, I don’t want to have sex yet, we’re not married yet.

Then this weird dude keeps trying to get my boyfriend to do it and a bunch of people show up egging my boyfriend on and then something weird happens, not sure what it was and the next thing I know I’m pregnant with a normal human baby in my dream and I’m like dang it, I can’t be pregnant again…I’m not married…it’s not time…this can’t be happening now.

Then I was totally crushed, crying and freaking out because I was like what am I suppose to do now…this can’t be happening again and I don’t know…it just was totally a weird, disturbing and not fun dream for me.

So, yeah, go figure where that one came from :p.  I have no idea what that dream was about or if it even meant anything although I could probably come up with and think of some possible meanings and reasons why I had that dream.  It was just too freakin weird, man :p.

I hate dreams like that, which stick around and linger and disturb you like all day long after you had it the night before – it’s really kind of annoying when dreams do that, ya know.

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  1. long rambling reply! Na, it wasn’t rambling at all. But it does sound like when it comes to sex and children, you’ve thought about and know what’s right for you.

    Like you said, it coulda just been one wacked out dream :). Mine usually are!

  2. LOL yeah I think we all have some pretty crazy dreams.

    And well, the possible meanings I thought with my freaky dream were…

    a) Fear of messing up and having sex before I’m ready/married again, which when I’m awake and all I know I won’t do because I’ve changed and learned through experience and my boyfriend is totally not like that. We’re both pretty strong and resolved in our belief and feeling of waiting to be intimate until after we’re married along with our religious beliefs etc.

    b) Fear of having/raising children or not being ready to have children right now maybe like you’re saying maybe emotionally I’m not quite ready…I don’t know…although I don’t have a lot of time to wait since I’m gonna be 30 with my clock ticking and all ya know lol. So yeah I’d say what you said about maybe my dream’s telling me I’m not totally ready…some ways I am and some ways I’m not type thing like you said.

    c) Or fear of finding myself unwed and pregnant again and what I’d do if faced with the decision of placing or parenting again if I found myself in that situation again type thing. So, I don’t know maybe the dream had something to do with my having placed the two girls I’ve had and not knowing what I’d do with it happening a third time or not knowing what I’d do or what I’m going to do when I can take my child home with me. Or like some people have said before of being afraid of having your child taken away even though you’re suppose to take your child home because you placed the first/only two children you ever had type thing.

    I don’t know maybe it stems back to some fears and insecurities I have relating to motherhood and stuff like that. Well, my guess is that whatever the dream was suppose to mean if anything it had to do with some fears and insecurities of mine lol :p.

    Or maybe it was just a crazy, wacked out dream that was nonsense. Though I think there was probably some significance to it.

    So, how was that for a long, rambling type of response for ya lol :p.

  3. Oh my gosh Anne! If I told you some of the crazy things I dream of…

    But yeah, your dream is freaky! So what do you think it means? Though you’re not married, IF you were married right now, would you be ready for kids? I dont mean physically- money, etc, but emotionally? Maybe your dream is a way to tell you that though your not totally ready, maybe in some ways you are ready- but have to wait anyway (the whole marriage thing 😉 )

    Crazy crazy dream.

    When I was pg with Karma I had a dream that I was in labor and I birthed a black lab… Guess I was more ready for a dog than a kid!

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