It’s 2007 – Woo Hoo!!!

Can you believe it?!!  It’s 2007 already…where did 2006 go?  Well and actually it’s been 2007 for a few days now, how weird is that…time just keeps moving right along.

Anyway, so far 2007 hasn’t been much different for me then 2006 was other than I’ve been thinking and coming up with plans of my own in case the boyfriend’s plans don’t work or he takes too long to propose or something like that lol.  I know, who’d have thought I’d ever be thinking up plans and putting it down as a possibility for me to end up being the one who’d propose to the guy if he took too long or something…2007 brings another side or something to me now, I guess.

I’m hoping I don’t have to be the one to propose, but I’m just thinking about it as a possibility that if I wait for the certain time period I’m planning to wait for and he hasn’t asked or nothing’s progressed by then, I may just have to be the one to do it and ask him in the end.  I’m still planning on giving him quite a bit of time to try to work through things and do it his way on his time frame, but I’m just saying I’m not going to sit around and wait forever for him to ask me after a certain point in time.

By the end of 2007, I’m planning on being engaged…either cause he does it his way and asks me or cause I ask him or sit him down and talk about it with him…but I’d like to at least be engaged by the end of 2007.  It’d be really great and I’m still hoping for the chance that maybe I could be married by the end of 2007 too, but we’ll see how everything goes.

I’m trying to be patient, wait and give him time and not pressure him or anything for now though.  But I’m not going to just sit around and wait forever for him to propose to me either…there’ll come a certain point in time where it’ll have to progress to either being engaged or possibly breaking up because it’ll be like being stuck and not progressing anywhere once that point in time comes if we don’t get engaged or something.

Anyway, so that’s where I am with that now…I’m waiting and hoping for things to work out so we can get engaged sooner rather than later unless during this waiting period something comes up that isn’t good and we decide we shouldn’t get married for whatever reason, but I don’t know that I really see that happening so we’ll see what happens.

But, I still have quite a while before I have to worry about seriously planning/thinking of proposing to him or sitting him down to talk about things so things could still happen before that time later on.


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  1. Yep, we’ve discussed that possibility of it affecting my financial aid too so yeah trying to wait it out and be more patient here lol :p.

  2. Just look at it this way… Getting married may effect your financial aid… so… just wait it out.

    I am so with you, though, gal!!!!

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