I’m so pathetic…

Okay, I’m not putting myself down or having a low self-esteem moment…just so ya know…I’m just saying I can’t believe myself because of how much I miss Cory when we haven’t seen each other since Wednesday afternoon now.

I mean, it hasn’t been that long yet, but it’s still been longer than I’m use to going without seeing him and I don’t miss him a lot, but I do already miss him some.  I miss him more at night when I have more time to think about him and when I would usually be snuggling with him and watching a movie.

Well, we’ll see how I survive and how I am by the time I haven’t seen him for a week.  I wonder how it’s going to be when we see each other again this time after not having seen each other for a week.  It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I need to see about getting some sleep before I get up to head out on the trip to Cali so hope everyone’s having fun and has a Merry Christmas :D.

3 comments on “I’m so pathetic…

  1. I know what you mean. Now that bf and I don’t live together anymore, I find myself missing him frequently. Like you said, it’s not that I miss him a LOT because we do see each other still pretty often and talk on the phone, but there are nights when I’m laying on the couch with the TV on and wishing he were there snuggling me. 😦 It’s going to be okay though for you and me both! 🙂 We just need to remind ourselves that “absence makes the heart grow stronger.”

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