Final Outcome is…

Okay so the final outcome after we e-mailed back and forth a couple times last night and once more back and forth today was that they’re going to leave the package at a place with some friends for me to pick up.

So, they gave me directions to where it is in the city where they live and we’ll stop by on the way to Cali and pick my package up tomorrow morning .

Anyway, so I won’t see them when I pick up the package this time or anything, but it is still progress nonetheless. Well and there still is that possibility for the future that sometime I might see them when we’re doing things with packages like this again or something else, ya never know.

Well and our level of openness has changed in that now we both know each other’s last names, addresses and such. It is a little different and weird to know that they know my last name, address and can easily get my phone number etc. if they wanted now though. It’s also a little weird to know that they know I know their last name and info now too and that it’s all okay.

I don’t know it’s just another stage of changing with it being more of an open adoption with them now except that we don’t have visits right now. So, yeah, that’s kind of weird cause I guess it’s pretty much an open adoption with them now except for not having visits for now, which could still happen in the future.

Interesting, but in a good way, ya know .

Well, I’m off to pack and finish getting ready to go to Cali tomorrow so hope everyone has fun and all.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


3 comments on “Final Outcome is…

  1. Yep, me too. It looks like things will keep improving now that they’ve taken the step of letting me know their last name.

    It just takes time and patience…my favorite thing…patience ha, ha =).

  2. I just keep hoping for you that it gets more and more open! And knowing thier last name seems like a really big step for them. I’m glad they started to walk down that path :).

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