I’m Such a Slacker…

Ha, ha…I know I’ve been slacking with keeping up with writing in my blog here and well with keeping up with online life as well lol.

The only thing I’ve been doing good at is keeping up with my family, a few friends and Cory with Christmas break and all.  It’s been kind of busy yet relaxed since Cory and I came home for break.  It’s just that we’re always together as usual, but over with his family and then over with my family and I’ve been running around to finish up Christmas shopping :p.

So, my family had their Christmas dinner last night (Monday night) because me and my parents are going to Cali to be with my sister and kids for Christmas.  Well and then Cory, his Dad and one of his friends are going to Vegas on Wednesday for a few days because of a bowl game so Cory and I won’t see each other for a whole week – oh my freakers…I know :p.

Anyway, Cory’s been giving me my Christmas presents early since we won’t be together on Christmas, which sucks, but oh well, there’ll hopefully be next year for us to have Christmas together, right.  Now that I finished getting Cory’s presents I’ve got to give them to him in the next couple days before he goes to Vegas.  I also just finished getting the presents for my two girls and their families so I’ll be sending those packages off tomorrow/today and hoping they get there alright.  I still haven’t gotten a present for my Dad and I have something for my Mom, but not sure if I’m going to give here what I have or try to find something else.  I also have to get something for my brother and wife that I drew to give to still – I got part of their present, but need one more thing and then I’m trying to decide if I should or want to give something to Cory’s parents for Christmas or not because if I do then I’ll have to get that to them when I go over on Wednesday before they leave for Vegas, ya know.

Oh, yeah and so far out of the couple gifts Cory’s given me for Christmas, it’s nothing like Holy Cow exciting and don’t worry everyone, he’s told me and assured more than once that I will not be getting a Diamond ring for this Christmas.  So, no, everyone, sorry to burst your bubble, if you were hoping or getting all excited to hear anything exciting from me, but we’re not going to be getting engaged this Christmas and I’m not getting a ring either nor will I be getting one for a while still.

Don’t worry when (and if) it happens, I will take a picture and post it on here of me with my ring and send you announcements/invitations if you want one ;).

Well, I hope all’s well with everyone else and that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I’m sure I’ll write again before Christmas, but just in case I’m saying Merry Christmas and all right now :).

Everything’s great with Cory and I and everything else still.  He’s like my best friend and I don’t know how to express or explain it all, but it’s changing and improving continually with us and I love him even more now than I did before.  It amazes me how our love for each other continues to grow so much as it does.

Anyway, hope all’s well and just thought I’d let ya all know I’m still alive…if you were wondering, that is :).


7 comments on “I’m Such a Slacker…

  1. Nope, Christine, Cory doesn’t work at that moment. He could, but he’s not and he does have really good credit LOL.

    Oh and I’m not leaving until Friday…only be gone about a week and I’ll definitely take lots a pictures :).

    Love ya =).

  2. You are a slacker!!!

    I’m glad things are still going well with Cory. And I didn’t get Jewelry for Christmas either :(. LOL, okay, I already have the ring (and the husband) but jewelry is good anyhow.

    Have fun in California with your family!

  3. OK wait a minute… does Cory work?? Just wondering… because I thought he went to school full time… he’d have to have DARN good credit to buy a diamond if that is the case. *giggle*

    Ok. SO you will be offline. Be prepared to be bombarded with texts then. Must have my Anne fix even if it is just a few lines back and forth every few days…

    OH!! And take pictures!!!!!! Mwah!

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