Guess what, guess what…

I’m so freakin hyper and excited right now.  I was just about to run  out the door because I have to send off the packages for my girls and their families and run by the store, but I couldn’t leave without sharing this first :D!!!

And no, I’m not engaged…I just got an e-mail from my 3 1/2 yr old’s mom a few minutes ago while I was online checking a couple things and here’s the good news…she was telling me she was on her way out the door to drop my package off at the post office and she’s mailing it to the agency (boo, I want to get rid of the agency, but trying to be patient).  Anyway, the great news is that in her e-mail she told me she was running to the post office to mail it to the agency because she’d forgotten to e-mail me sooner to ask for my parent’s address where I’m at because she originally had been planning on sending it directly to me at my parent’s house – YAY!!!

So, it looks and sounds like we may just end up becoming more open with mailing more direct to each other in the next while here – isn’t that so cool!!!  I’m so excited about how things are changing as time goes on and slowly improving and opening up more with me and each of my girls and their families.  Patience does pay off in the end after all :).

I’m sooo excited and hyper happy now.  Anyway just had to share…I gotta run :D.

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