Is just so much fun, ya know…well, okay not always, but it’s part of life :p.

Okay, little explanation about the waiting I’m referring to here…I’ve been having conversations with the boyfriend lately…and a recent one about the “m” word…he gave me kind of a time frame of what he’s kind of thinking right now about that.

So, yeah, he’s kind of thinking in the time frame of a year or so from now we might do the “m” word…if we survive and don’t break up or something before then or something, ya know.

But, yeah, I don’t know if I like time frames and waiting…I know I have to have and practice patience…along with everything else in life.  I don’t know though is it really better to know a kind of time frame with the “m” word in mind or is it better to not know anything…I mean there’s pros and cons to knowing what he’s kind of thinking and to not knowing, I guess.

Okay and can I just tell you how much this coming summer (summer 2007) is going to suck :p.  Assuming everything keeps going good and I’m still with him this coming summer, which so far I’m planning on still being with him then, it’s going to SUCK with a capital S because he’s going to go off out of state and do some job for the whole summer.  

I think I’ll die of withdrawals when he’s gone all summer long – 4 months to be exact he’ll be gone out of state doing this job, if he does it, which it sounds like he’s pretty much going to do it so far.  Oh, man, it’s sooo going to suck, suck, suck MAJORLY being here working and maybe taking a few summer classes by myself while he’s doing his job out of state for 4 freakin long months.  

If I make it through him being gone for 4 forever freakin long months doing this job this coming summer, then it’ll be a miracle, I think…at least that’s what I think and feel about it right now.  I mean, talk about being tested :p.

I don’t know though…maybe I should just go off somewhere and do my own thing for a while too or something to see if it makes the time go any faster here.  I don’t know…well, I mean…like we’ll ever actually do the “m” word…I mean, we’ll probably only ever talk about it until it all ends because I never have things turn out the way I want or hope for anyway, right…yeah, I know…way to be positive, Anne…well, what can I say…I’m afraid of getting crushed again and of getting my hopes up too high for nothing *sighs*.

Well, I’m going to go take a nap or something and then I’ve got to go to the library and work on papers I need to do for finals, ick :p. 


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  1. lol I see what you mean about hoping too much and then having it all dashed to the rocks. I do that myself. I can’t follow my own advice very well, but I’m pretty good at giving it. The thing is, if you think positive about something then it has a way of coming true. You have to try to look at things like they’re going to turn out well no matter what.

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