Bad, Bad Dream

I’ve been sickie all day today and some of yesterday too with this nasty flu, cold, cough thing that’s been going around here. 

I was with Cory last night too and felt fine for a while, but by the time I went to leave, I almost threw up and barely made it back to my place before I changed into my pajamas and then proceeded to die. 

I’ve been on the couch fighting with this flu since last night now, it really sucks.  I’m hoping to get back to class tomorrow though even though I’m still not feeling very good so we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I’ve had some really fun dreams while sleeping on and off since last night when it all hit.  You know how fun dreams are when you’re all sickie – ha, ha – not.

So, I had this really bad dream or should I say nightmare that was like a long continued dream throughout the times I slept today.  It was kind of disturbing because I dreamed that I woke up and I was married, right? 

Well, when I woke up in my dream and I was married…I was all excited at first cause I thought I was married to Cory, right…well, come to find out as my dream went on and turned into a nightmare that some freak had married me.  It was like this freak drugged me and married me so I couldn’t be with Cory…it was awful!

Then the dream/nightmare kept going and getting worse and worse.  Cory and I in my dream were trying to figure out how to be together and having a hard time figuring it out because of these freaks that were doing their best to keep us apart.  I was aching and longing to be with Cory like crazy in my dream/nightmare and I couldn’t be because of this dumb freak who married me against my will and trying to figure out how to get out of the marriage so I could marry Cory. 

Man, that was one of the worst dreams/nightmares I’ve had yet or should I say in a long, long time…I woke up almost crying cause it was one of those dreams where it feels real, ya know.  Well and what really sucked in my dream was that Cory was like going to give up and say I had to honor the sham of a marriage with the freak and that he (Cory) should have acted faster to marry me instead of waiting so it was his own fault and so forth.

Oh, man…I was so devastated in that dream and when I woke up from it.  It really disturbed and upset me like crazy if you couldn’t tell – ha, ha :p.  

Thank heavens it was only an insane, stupid dream of a sickie person, right :p.