Another Pic of Us

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Here’s another pic of us from Thanksgiving when we were laughing :). I think we look pretty happy and cute together, what do ya think?

Oh and also when I look at myself in these pics, I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself look happier or anything than in these pics. Cool, huh.

Edited to add: I was just reminded by my parents that we’re laughing like this in this picture because Cory made a comment about wanting me to show my left hand in the picture so everyone would know that we weren’t engaged yet.  My Dad made a comment about Cory saying the word yet there and started teasing us so that’s why we all were laughing in this picture :).


2 comments on “Another Pic of Us

  1. Thanks :D.

    And yeah that’s true that there isn’t an ending, well I hope it doesn’t ever end – I know there’s my dumb fears and insecurities again.

    I definitely think I’m lucky though to have him.

  2. Great pictures in both posts! Yes, you are a cute couple and SO happy!! I’d say your story has a happy ending, but the happiest part is that there ISN’T and ending! 🙂

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