Incredible Love

I don’t know how it keeps happening, but I keep falling more in love with him (my bf).  I love him even more now than ever. 

How in the heck is this possible?  I remember not long ago saying how much I loved him and how it kept growing and I couldn’t believe it then.  I can’t believe it even more now then when I said it not long ago.

I’ve never loved anyone this much or like this or been this in love with someone ever.  I’ve never been happier then when I’m with him and I’ve never learned so much and had so much fun then when I’m with him.

He’s so great and so much and he’s romantic and sensitive and so many things.  He lifts me and my spirits up and puts up with me and has patience with me too.  He tells me he thinks that he’s lucky to have me, but I think I’m lucky to have him.

I’ve never seen anyone look at me the way he does…his gaze when he looks in my eyes at times gets so intense I can’t keep his gaze.  His gaze and all makes me feel weak in the knees and makes me feel so vulnerable and I don’t know how to describe that I can’t keep his gaze all the time when it becomes so intense and full of love like it does sometimes.

I have never wanted to be with someone so much like I do want to be with him.  I’ve never wanted or been willing to do whatever it takes to keep doing my best to have things keep working out alright.

I’ve never felt this way that I was willing to sacrifice almost anything to help things keep working out.  I’ve not wanted or felt that I’d do anything to see someone happy like I feel I’d do to see him happy, if that makes sense.

I’d do almost anything for him to be happy…I just want to see him happy even if things didn’t work out in the future, I’d be happy just to see him happy one day even if it ended up not being with me.  That’s how much I love him and the kind of love this is and how much I’m in love with him and everything. 

I really don’t think things won’t work out in the future with he and I.  I don’t see any reason why he and I would ever separate from what I can see and I’m feeling more sure about he and I having a future and not just a possible future together as time goes on here, but if some weird thing happened and I had to see him be happy with someone else, I would be happy just to see him happy because of how much I deeply love him.

Oh, if only, there were words to express this deep love, but I never have found adequate words to express this kind of deep love.  I wonder if he knows how deep my love goes for him…I hope he does.