Happy Dance!!!

*Does a happy dance* 😀

I’m so excited and on the up again because I got lots of pictures of my second girl who’s about to turn 2 and a few e-mails filling me in on things too.  YAY for me :D!!!

I haven’t downloaded all the pictures onto my computer yet from my e-mail so I’ll have to do that later and put some up for ya all to see.  She’s getting to be so big and she’s still as adorable as ever, of course :).

Oh and they told me they’re going to be sending me some 2 year old professional pics after her birthday with my Christmas presents this year.  YAY again!!!

Oh and I also got an e-card and a note just a little bit ago from my 3 1/2 yr old’s family too so that was another YAY :)!!!  Anyway, I’ve gotta go to the store and finish getting the stuff so I can send the package to my almost 2 yr old’s family for her birthday on Monday.

Oh and about my feeling vulnerable and insecure, it’s still there a little, but it’s getting better and well, ya know, as always, I was overly freaking out when I shouldn’t have been.  So, all is right with things with Cory and I again  – not that there was really anything ever wrong, but I had to have my periodic freak out, I guess.

Anyway, I’m doing lots better now than I was and I got those letters and pictures so that helped too.  So, things are going good overall and my birdie’s happy too chirping up a storm at me as always lol :).


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