How is it possible?

That I could love someone so much like I do.  I don’t know how to explain or describe it, but I love him so much. 

It’s like I love him so much it hurts, I love him so much it’s hard to breathe and I love him so much I get so overwhelmed and feel like I’m drowning in the strength and intensity of this love I have for him.  I mean how does this happen and how is it possible to feel this way and love someone so much and so intensely as I do him.

It’s like my heart feels like it’s going to burst or something because of how strong, how much and intense this love is and continues to be as it keeps growing, changing and evolving over time here.  I was looking at him tonight and completely overwhelmed with this love I feel for him. 

I remember looking at him and thinking how cute he was, how lucky I’ve been feeling and how amazing it is how everything’s happened with us.  I was just gazing at him and thinking about how much I love him and wondering if he knows or can he feel how much I love him because I don’t think that words do justice for how I love him so.


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